Why 1000 mg Vitamin D is so important?

It is a well known fact that a number of people face diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin D and hence many doctors prescribe 1000 mg vitamin D for their patients in almost all cases. There is a long list of diseases which may affect a patient if he or she is suffering from deficiency of vitamin D. The average quantity of vitamin D required by a healthy adult is around 6000 IU every day. A doctor may prescribe 1000 mg vitamin D for their patient which actually amounts to around 1100 to 1200 IU of vitamin D daily. In some cases where the level of vitamin D in patient’s blood is very low, doctor may suggest 1000 mg vitamin D consumption twice a day.
Why 1000 mg Vitamin D is so important?
Vitamin D is a common vitamin that our body can easily produce while our body is exposed to direct sunlight. However, our modern lifestyle offers little time for us to enjoy the benefits of direct sunlight. Furthermore, direct exposure to sunlight for longer hours may also prove to be detrimental as this may cause various skin problems including redness, itching, rashes, tanning, and in some cases, direct exposure of sunlight for long periods may cause skin cancer. This is the reason why doctors suggest such a healthy diet that may provide healthy amount of vitamin D in our body. But if even that fails, doctors prescribe 1000 mg vitamin D for their patients on daily basis.
Vitamin D is an essential nutrient because it helps our body to absorb and make proper use of mineral calcium that we get through our food intake. Calcium is very important as it offers proper strength to our bone structure and teeth. Thus, deficiency of vitamin D will result in our inability to absorb calcium and that may cause a number of health problems including weaker and brittle bones, rickets in children, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia in adults, and rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in elderly people. Elderly people require more vitamin D and this is the reason why they are often suggested to take 1000 mg vitamin D once or twice a day on regular basis.
The requirement of calcium and vitamin D increases in women during their pregnancy period and during when they breast feed their children. This is the reason why it is advised for women to take 1000 mg vitamin D regular during their pregnancy and nursing period because they not only need to provide enough calcium and vitamin D for their own body, but also, they require to provide proper amounts of vitamin D and calcium for their children. Requirement of vitamin D also increases in postmenopausal women as at this stage of life, women face weakening of bones and more requirement of calcium and vitamin D. Thus, it proves to be helpful for such women facing postmenopausal conditions to take 1000 mg vitamin D regularly. Vitamin D is very essential and helpful nutrient as it offers proper prevention against a number of cancerous diseases.

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