1000 mg Vitamin D

Physicians often prescribe calcium and 1000 mg vitamin D liquid gel or supplement tablets for adult people suffering from diseases osteomalacia or weak and brittle bones. Vitamin D is an important supplement because it helps human body to absorb calcium. In general, an adult body requires around 1000 mg vitamin D regularly to be able to absorb our calcium intake so that our bones may remain fit and strong. While one can also attain some amount of vitamin D directly by exposing their skin to direct sunlight, this natural vitamin D that our skin can produce is often very less and it doesn’t fulfill the required need of our body. This is the reason why doctors prescribe 1000 mg vitamin D liquid gel or tablets regularly.

In general, doctors suggest that women should take vitamin D in proper amount during pregnancy period as it helps them to absorb proper amount of calcium that not only helps the women to maintain the strength of their body but also, 1000 mg vitamin D regular tablets also offer enough vitamin D for the unborn child in the womb. Women may continue taking 1000 mg vitamin D capsules or tablets regularly after the birth of baby during the period of breast feeding as it will not only help them to maintain the body strength and strength of their bones, it will also help the newly born child who will attain proper intake of vitamin D and this will protect the child against various diseases including rickets.

Calcium is also needed for postmenopausal women as they suffer weakening of bones and supplemental 1000 mg vitamin D liquid gel tabs or capsules help such women to properly absorb the required amount of calcium they attain through their regular food intake. To offer proper amount of calcium, an adult may take a variety of food items including milk and carrots. Certain foods such as tuna and salmon fishes, beef liver, egg yolk and mushroom will also offer some amounts of vitamin D. In order to attain proper amount of vitamin D, one may take 1000 mg of vitamin D regularly.

1000 mg Vitamin D 1000 mg Vitamin D

Vitamin D not only helps in strengthening our bones, it also helps in protecting our body against various bacteria and viruses and vitamin D is also helpful to avoid certain skin diseases including psoriasis. An adult can take 1000 mg of vitamin D regularly to increase the strength of their immune system to fight against these bacteria and viruses. A little part of the bodily need of vitamin D can also be attained naturally as our skin is able to produce vitamin D if exposed to direct sunlight. However, exposure to direct sunlight for long hours may cause various skin problems and it may cause skin cancer. This is the reason why taking vitamin D as a supplement is a better way and for an adult, regular intake of 1000 mg of vitamin D offers proper amount of Vitamin D required not only to help in absorbing calcium to maintain strength of our bones but also to strengthen our immune system.

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