5 Best Vitamin A Foods to Use

Whenever the name of vitamin A comes, the people think to use carrots at first preference. There are many other foods stuffed with vitamin A, higher than carrots, to use for great results. Vitamin a foods come from animal sources in the pure form but in plant sources, these foods are not as much effective. From animal sourced foods, whenever you eat it, you’ll get ideal vitamin a benefits soon after its digestion. In plant foods, the food is firstly converted into antioxidant and then it is converted, the remaining one, into vitamin to use. Let me describe the food sources benefits to use both from animal and plant foods.

Vitamin A Foods with Quantity:

Turkey is the best of all as it contains 52000IU in only 1 cup. Using beef liver can be ideal to get 22000IU from only 3 oz. Also, skim milk provides you 400IU from 1 cup; egg contains 270IU in 1 large egg. Moreover, cheese provides you 280IU in 1 oz whenever you use it. Sweet potato contains 9230 IU, collard greens include 7410IU, carrot contains 18000IU, kale contains 4560, spinach includes 7290IU, squash has 10700IU, apricot contains 1200IU and pumpkin includes 38000IU in 1 cup. So, try to use these vitamin a foods to get the required level easily.

Even after knowing about these foods and their quantity of vitamin a, still people do not use vegetables and fruits to have the required level of vitamin a. Animal foods that contain high levels of vitamin A also contain high levels of cholesterol and calories to make the person obese. It may not be the ideal strategy if you get it from animal foods all the time.

Vitamin A foods are good to keep them in mind because these foods can make your body strong enough to provide you power to compete with upcoming issues. In this way, you can have ideal solution in the form of vitamin a to get riddance from all the issues. From plant foods, the body absorbs only 40% of beta carotene and other 40% is used for vitamin to give your body strength. From carrots, you can achieve 2880IU from 1 cup and the full vitamin a foods contain 10,000IU in them to use.

Vitamin A Supplements:

As you know that vitamin a comes largely from vegetables but if you do not prefer to eat vegetables, there is no need to suffer from its deficiency as by taking vitamin a foods supplements, you can make the requirements of the body fulfilled easily to have the best results. It would be handy to use them in the right manner so that you may not suffer anymore.

Higher amount of vitamin a can also make you suffer from problems but by using these supplements under the guidance of physician or health professional, you can decrease the chances of danger to zero and can make your body highly effective and can give your bones the best potential to have all what you desire.