7 Good Vitamin C Sources

As we know that vitamin C is an essential component that helps our body to develop and maintain proper health, it becomes imperative to know about the vitamin C sources. In general, a person can attain enough vitamin C by consuming natural vitamin C sources which includes a number of fruits, vegetables and other food items. However, if a person is required to attain higher levels of vitamin C in their blood for medical purposes, they may take help of medicinal vitamin C sources.

Vitamin C helps our body to easily assimilate and absorb various important nutrients that helps in building bones, muscles, and nervous system. Vitamin C is in fact an essential component of a bio-chemical reaction that goes in our body to produce neurotransmitters. Thus, vitamin C is certainly very important for proper physical and brain functioning of our body. This is why all vitamin C sources are considered healthy. One of the very common vitamin C sources are all citric fruits as they contain rich concentration of ascorbic acid or the vitamin C.

While medicinal vitamin C is easily available for needy people, the fact is that there are a number of natural food vitamin C sources that can offer enough amount of vitamin C to fulfill the needs of a healthy person. A young adult male requires around 90 mg of vitamin C daily if he is not addicted to smoking and if he is a smoker, he will need around 110 mg of vitamin D per day. On the other hand, a non-smoking young adult female will require just 75 mg of vitamin C everyday to maintain good health. If the woman is a smoker, she will have to take around 95mg to 100 mg of vitamin C. In addition, the requirement of vitamin C increases as we grow old. This is because as we grow old, our bones, muscles and nervous system start losing strength and we need to offer better protection. Furthermore, a pregnant woman or a breast feeding mother will have to take more vitamin C to fulfill the needs of the newly born baby too.

However, natural vitamin C sources provide enough vitamin C to help any healthy person of any age or sex. There are a number of fruits such as strawberries, sour sop, sugar-apple, Amalaki, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, kiwi, and water melon that offer good quantity of vitamin C. One can also enjoy the taste of vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, tomatoes, spinach, mustard green leaves, turnip green leaves, water crest and a number of other vegetables to attain good quantity of vitamin C.
As we can see, there are a number of easily available vitamin C sources and hence, there are hardly any chances of vitamin C deficiency for a person who is attentive towards his daily food intake. However, in some medical cases of patients, taking higher doses of vitamin C becomes necessary and these patients can take help of medicinal vitamin C sources.