7 Tips of Vitamin C Benefits

Like every other vitamin, vitamin C is essential for our body and to attain proper vitamin C benefits, it is necessary for us to take proper amount of vitamin C daily. In general, we can attain required amount of vitamin C daily by remaining attentive towards our food habits. However, if a person is suffering from vitamin C deficiency, he may take help of medicinal vitamin C too. However, one should remember that while there are many vitamin C benefits for a healthy body, taking too much vitamin C offers no additional benefit. Proper amount of vitamin C will help you to maintain good health, and it will also protect you against sickle, weak bones, improper muscles and nervous system, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety, and various other problems. In addition, proper amount of vitamin C will also provide protection against cancers as vitamin C is considered as a strong anti-carcinogen. This is the main benefits of all vitamin C benefits.

An adult person, male and non smoker, should take 90 mg of vitamin C daily as it will help him to maintain proper growth and health of his body. An adult female with no addiction to smoking will need 75 mgs of vitamin C per day. This amount will ascertain that the female is enjoying all vitamin C benefits. To take advantages of possible vitamin C benefits, one will need to take care of their everyday diet and food habits. It is beneficial to add certain fruits and vegetables in your daily food intake because these fruits and vegetables are very rich sources of vitamin C and can offer you proper vitamin C benefits.

While all citric fruits such as lemon contains rich amount of vitamin C, there are many other fruits that provides vitamin C benefits. These fruits include Amalaki, strawberries, sweet-apple, blackcurrant, sour sop, acerola cherries, kiwi, and water melon. In addition, one can also include certain vegetables such as Brussels sprout, cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, and tomatoes in their daily food intake as these vegetables are rich source of vitamin C. To attain proper vitamin C benefits, one can also include rich green leafy vegetables such as spinach, water cress, mustard green, and turnip green in their regular food intake. Thus, there are enough varieties of foods that can offer good amount of vitamin C for a healthy person so that he or she may enjoy good health and proper benefits of vitamin C. A female will have to take more amount of vitamin C if she is pregnant or if she is breast feeding her newly born kids.
Vitamin C is necessary because it not only helps our body to assimilate various nutrients including calcium and making proper use of it, it also is necessary for the completion of bio-chemical reactions that produces neurotransmitters in our body. To attain proper vitamin C benefits over your health, you may opt for a medical test to check the concentration of vitamin C in your body.