Benefits of Fruits High in Vitamin C

If you are looking for the easiest way to attain proper levels of vitamin C daily, you may opt for daily consumption of tasteful fruits high in vitamin C. There are a number of tasty fruits that are high in vitamin C however, not many people know about these fruits high in vitamin C and the benefits of eating these fruits regularly. This is the reason why before discussing about fruits high in vitamin C, it will be profitable to discuss a little about the benefits of vitamin C for our health and fitness of our body.

Without proper amount of vitamin C, a person cannot make proper use of all calcium that is required by their body and hence, their bones, muscles and nervous system will go weaker. However, deficiency of vitamin C results in weakness of nervous system more drastically because vitamin C is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters that are produced through biochemical reactions that happen inside our body. This is the reason why a person who eats fruits high in vitamin C regularly, faces lesser chances of various mental problems including depression, stress, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Furthermore eating fruits high in vitamin C will also help a person to avoid viral and bacterial infections because vitamin C helps in strengthening our immune system. The biggest advantage of vitamin C is that it is a strong anti-carcinogen agent and it can help in preventing a number of different types of cancer disease. Vitamin C deficiency may also cause skin problems including scurvy. Taking fruits high in vitamin C regularly will certainly help against all these diseases.

The general requirement of vitamin C for a healthy male adult person is just 90 mgs everyday while a female adult healthy person requires just 75 mgs every day. However, a person at their infancy and during their old age may require higher amounts of vitamin C because during childhood, more calcium is required for proper development of bone structure and during old age, our bones get weaker and we need more care to protect them. Thus foods and fruits high in vitamin C should be taken during early age and old age.
While a healthy male adult who doesn’t smoke requires just 90 milligrams of vitamin C daily, a person who is a heavy smoker will require a lot more vitamin C (around 110 milligrams) everyday. But this extra vitamin C will help him against issues like cough, respiratory problems and will also reduce chances of throat cancer. Similarly, a healthy adult female needs just 75 milligrams of vitamin C but if she is a heavy smoker, she needs 95-100 milligrams of vitamin C to be taken every day. A pregnant woman must eat fruits high in vitamin C in great amounts because these extra fruits will help her and will offer better health for her child in womb too. These fruits include strawberries, Amalaki, guava, sour sop, kiwi, sweet-apple, acerola cherries, and water melon.