Benefits of Vitamin C Drink

Vitamin C is essential for proper body development and health maintenance and one can prefer a vitamin C drink to maintain proper level of vitamin C in their blood. It should be noted that vitamin C is highly soluble in water and one can easily dissolve the powdered vitamin C or a supplement tablet in water to take vitamin C drink. Vitamin C can also be attained naturally through various fruits and vegetables. All citric acid fruits contain rich amount of vitamin C and juices of these fruits such as lemon can be said as vitamin C drinks.

There are a number of benefits of having proper levels of vitamin C in our body. It is an essential constituent of biochemical reactions that happen in our body through which our bodies produce neurotransmitters. Deficiency of vitamin C will mean a lack of enough neurotransmitters and that will make our muscles and nervous system go weak and improper. Vitamin C is also needed for proper assimilation of calcium and a lack of it will cause our bones go brittle and weak. In addition deficiency of vitamin C increases risks of skin infections and scurvy disease. This is the reason why vitamin C drink can prove to be very helpful for maintaining good health.

In place of vitamin C drink, a healthy person may also take fresh juices of those fruits that are rich in vitamin C. There are a number of such fruits that contain rich amount of vitamin C. One such fruit is Amalaki, which is highly rich in vitamin C. each 100 grams of Amalaki contains around 437 milligrams of vitamin C. Some other fruits that are rich in vitamin C are sweet-apple, sour sop, strawberries, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, kiwi, guava, water melon and many others. Taking fruit juices or eating fruits rather than drinking supplement vitamin C drink seems to be better option for a healthy person to maintain their health.

A healthy adult male requires 90 mgs of vitamin C daily while a healthy female requires 75 mgs of vitamin C. This amount of vitamin C can be easily achieved by taking enough fruits daily. Thus, one doesn’t need to take supplemental vitamin C drink especially if they are healthy and fit. However, taking vitamin C drinks doesn’t cause any side effects because excess of vitamin C can be easily removed through urine.

While one can take fruit juices in place of vitamin C drinks, there are many other resources to attain healthy levels of vitamin C. Many regular vegetables contain rich amount of vitamin C. These vegetables include spinach, mustard green leafy vegetable, turnip green leafy vegetable, and all other dark green leafy vegetables. In addition, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts also contain rich amount of vitamin C. Thus, our daily food intake can offer good amount of vitamin C daily for our body and we often do not require taking any supplemental vitamin C drink.