Benefits of Vitamin C for Colds

While health benefits of vitamin C are well known, very few people know about the use of vitamin C for colds. Vitamin C can effectively increase the strength of our body immune system to protect us against a number of diseases and illnesses and it increases our ability to avoid viral and bacterial infections. Since colds are nothing but bacterial infections, vitamin C for colds is very beneficial. However, vitamin C for colds is just one of many other uses and importance of vitamin C for our better health.

Vitamin C is essential for various biochemical reactions that happen in our body during which, our bodies produce neurotransmitters. Without proper neurotransmitters, our nervous system cannot work properly. Thus, for proper mental health, vitamin C is extremely necessary. In addition, vitamin C is also required by our bodies to absorb and make better use of calcium and other nutrients. Thus, vitamin C is also important for proper bone development and muscle system and muscle tissue formation. As a matter of fact, along with vitamin C for colds, it is very important for our body so that we may avoid a number of diseases including depression, stress, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin C for colds is very effective and it can also be used to avoid kennel cough and a number of other respiratory problems. For smokers, it is necessary to take higher amount of vitamin C because it will not only avoid cough formation but will also provide protection against risks of throat and thyroid cancer. In general, the requirement of vitamin C for a healthy adult male is around 90 milligrams per day if he is not addicted to smoking. But if he is a regular smoker, he will have to take around 110 mgs of vitamin C every day. Similarly, a healthy adult woman will just need 75 mgs of vitamin C if she doesn’t smoke but if she is a smoker, she will have to take 100 mgs of vitamin C.

Vitamin C for colds is being used since a long time. However, recently medical science researchers have also revealed that vitamin C can be very helpful for patients suffering from cancer. Vitamin C cancer treatment is prescribed by doctors so that cancer patients may take proper supplements of vitamin C to attain higher levels of vitamin C as it helps in increasing chances of a cancer patient to get cured properly.

If you want to take proper benefits of vitamin C for colds, you will need to take such fruits and vegetables regularly in your food that are high in vitamin C. Such fruits that are rich source of vitamin C include strawberries, Amalaki, blackcurrant, sweet-apple, acerola cherries, sour sop, kiwi, guava, and number of other citric fruits. In addition, there are a number of vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and various green leafy vegetables such as spinach that are rich resource of vitamin C.