Benefits of Vitamin C for Dogs

All pet lovers think about giving the best for their dog yet, often they fail to notice the needs of vitamin C for dogs. Vitamin C is very essential for dogs and many veterinary physicians often suggest that people should take proper care of the levels of vitamin C in their pet dog’s body as vitamin C for dogs is very essential. As a matter of fact, dogs can produce their own vitamin C in presence of sunlight just like we humans can produce vitamin D in our body. In past, people believed that humans can never suffer vitamin D deficiency as they can produce it by own. However, it is now known that a person can suffer serious side effects of deficiency of vitamin D because more than often, we fail to produce enough vitamin D as required by our body and hence, we need to take supplements of vitamin D to maintain good health.

Just like humans, despite of being able to produce vitamin D in presence of sunlight, may require taking vitamin D supplement to maintain good health, dogs may also suffer vitamin C deficiency even though they can produce their own vitamin C in presence of ultraviolet rays. People often believe that since dogs can produce their own vitamin C, hence there is no need to give vitamin C for dogs. However, such misconception often leads to bad health, illnesses, and may be death too of their lovely pet dogs. It is necessary to provide enough quantity of vitamin C for dogs because it helps dogs in maintaining good health and many times, dogs fail to produce enough vitamin C by themselves.

Vitamin C is necessary for proper production of neurotransmitters. Deficiency of vitamin C for dogs may lead to bad behavior, stress, and sickness. Dogs may also suffer skin infection, viral diseases such polio, distemper, and many other diseases. Now when we have discussed that vitamin C is essential for dogs, we must also explore about what is the value of vitamin C for dogs? Vitamin C helps the blood cells of dogs to strengthen their immune system and hence, protects the dogs against a number of diseases. This is why every responsible pet owner should take care of proper levels of vitamin C for dogs.

Just like vitamin C and excess of it can help cancer patients against the deadly disease, vitamin C for dogs also acts as anti-carcinogen and helps dogs to fight against it. Veterinarians often prescribe good doses of vitamin C for dogs in case of various diseases including kennel cough, abscesses, respiratory infections, cancer, and a number of bacterial infections. While an adult dog may not require a vitamin C supplement, veterinarians often suggest that young dogs or puppies, and old dogs should necessarily be given vitamin C supplement. This is because vitamin C for dogs is also important for proper development of bones and muscles at early age while at old age, they require higher amount of vitamin C to remain healthy.

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