Calcium with Vitamin D Reduces Osteoporosis

Vitamin d is pretty crucial for human body as it helps for calcium with vitamin d absorption to fulfill the requirements of the body. Vitamin d3, a form of vitamin d, performs various functions for the sake of prevention of painful osteoporosis. Firstly, it allows the calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body from food into intestines. Secondly, it assists in re-absorption of calcium into kidney. It also enables our parathyroid glands to produce parathyroid hormone and it stimulates our bones to be strong and tough to walk at. Vitamin d3 can increase the effect of calcium and can produce it in higher levels for having perfect bone mass.

Calcium from Food for Functioning:
Vitamin d is the main stream for intake of calcium because without it, no matter how much food stuffed with calcium you take in. With vitamin d, you can bring calcium with vitamin d from food into the bloodstream for continuous flow. Calcium is not only perfect for production building blocks in our body but it is also important for functioning of the body. It permits the contraction of body muscles, contraction of blood vessels and expansion of blood vessels. Secretion of many enzymes and hormones works well to allow you to perform well. So, you can have calcium for transmitting the messages to the nervous system of the body. Calcium plays vital role in daily routine and functioning of our body.

Exposure to Sunlight for Production of Calcium:
Calcium with vitamin d has the ability to generate various functions in the body. The sunlight can permit you to have the right levels of vitamin d by exposing yourself for only 20 to 30 minutes. Going outside for some time can be enough for you to have the required level of production of calcium. Calcium with vitamin d can be attained easily but you need to know that if you are over-busied not to go outside or if you live in Alaska and have no sunlight, there is dire need to use vitamin d supplements. The cloudy weather all the time does not allow you to get vitamin d in the required level but you can have the solution by using supplements of vitamin d. Keep this in mind that over-exposure to the sunlight brings harm to your body, bringing skin cancer as well.

Notable Foods for Calcium with Vitamin D:
There are various foods high in calcium with vitamin d but you need to use eggs, cheeses, fortified cereals, fortified milk and oyster with butter as these foods include a lot of vitamin d in them. For the sake of happy life, dire need to use 400IU per day exists. The body can reduce the vitamin d levels if you do not use proper foods on consistent basis. So, try to go outside for maximum 20 minutes and also use these foods to attain calcium with vitamin d.
In conclusion, the need to use these notable foods and to go outside in the sunlight is there because this can make your body strong and healthy.