Can You Overdose on Vitamin C?

While everyone knows that vitamin C is essential, you should know can you overdose on vitamin C. Before knowing about can you overdose vitamin C, one need to know about what is an appropriate dose of vitamin C. For a healthy adult person, male, only 90 mgs of vitamin C are required daily while a female just needs 75 mg of vitamin C. This minute amount of vitamin C is readily available for healthy persons through common fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. However, before maintaining a balanced diet, you may feel curious about can you overdose on vitamin C and what would be its side effects.

Generally, all citric fruits are vitamin C rich and lemons are considered as appropriate source of vitamin C for healthy persons. In addition, a person may also consume strawberries, guava, blackcurrant, papaya, acerola cherries, kiwi, and Amalaki to attain proper amount of vitamin C. However, some people like fruits so much that they eat them non-hesitantly and then they worry, can you overdose on vitamin C? Vitamin C is also available in various vegetables such as bell pepper, tomatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts, mustard green, broccoli, turnip green, cauliflower, watercress, chards and other vegetables.

If you are worrying about can you overdose on vitamin C, you should know that vitamin C is an easily soluble material which readily dissolves in water. Thus, a person can take overdoses of vitamin C without worrying about side effects because the excess of vitamin C can be easily removed through urination. In normal cases, a person can take as much as 2000 mg of vitamin C without worrying for vitamin C toxicity or side effects of overdoses of vitamin C. However, excess of vitamin C may cause some side effects too in some cases. Excessive vitamin C in intestines demands more water and it may cause abdominal cramps, loose motions, and diarrhea. However, in some cases, overdoses of vitamin C seem to be more profitable and hence, a doctor may prescribe high doses of vitamin C.
After knowing about can you overdose on vitamin C, you may also like to know about the ways and safer ways to take overdoses of vitamin C. Without medical prescription, a person may attempt with vitamin C flush to take overdose of vitamin C as it will also let him or her learn about the exact amount of vitamin C required by his or her body daily. Other ways of taking overdoses of vitamin C requires proper medical help. One can take overdoses of vitamin C through IV and injections too.

Other than these normal ways, can you overdose on vitamin C through other means? The answer is affirmative yes. One can take higher dose of vitamin C without facing any serious side effects through lypo-sphere vitamin C capsules or tablets. Liposome vitamin C is considered as safer because instead of affecting the intestines and disturbing stomach, liposome allows vitamin C to directly dissolve in blood.