Do You Really Know What is Vitamin C?

If you are looking forward to maintain a healthy living, you need to know more about what is vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered as an essential constituent of a healthy food intake as without proper amount of vitamin C, a person will fail to assimilate calcium and other important minerals properly and will suffer weakness, ills and other health issues. Vitamin C helps in building and rebuilding of tissues, blood vessels, and bones and it offers a great help to our body in healing sores and injuries. Before knowing more about what is vitamin C, let us contemplate about the ways to attain adequate amounts of vitamin C.

A healthy adult male requires around 90 mg of vitamin C to maintain his health and fitness; on the other hand, an adult female requires around 75 mg of vitamin C. However, if an adult is addicted to smoking, he will need extra vitamin C to remain healthy and same is true for a female if she is a smoker. The importance of knowing what is vitamin C will increase after knowing that adequate amount of vitamin C can prevent a number of heart diseases and problems. For a non-smoking male, 100 mg of vitamin C daily intake can prove to be a good preventive way to protect that person against a number of chronic diseases. On the other hand, if the person is a smoker, he will require at least 120 mg of vitamin C daily.

Now when we know what is vitamin C and why is it important, we may discuss about how to get enough amount of vitamin C daily. Vitamin C can be easily attained through daily intake of fruits such as strawberry, guava, papaya, water melon, kiwi, acerola cherry, blackcurrant, Amalaki fruit and various other citric fruits. These fruits are easily available and one can take these foods on a daily routine. However, there are many other vegetables too that we use daily and that contains a good amount of vitamin C. After knowing what is vitamin C and what is its importance, it will prove to be beneficial about the vegetables that are rich resource of vitamin C. These vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, mustard green leaves, turnip green leaves, watercress, chard, and other dark green leafy vegetables. If you know what is vitamin C and what are its usages, you will realize that proper amount of vitamin C can protect you against cold and other similar infections.

There can be certain severe problems because of vitamin C and that is the reason why it is important to know what is vitamin C and how can one attain enough amounts of vitamin C. deficiency of vitamin C may cause scurvy. Other common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are fatigue, bleeding gums, and easy bleeding. Women should be careful about the information of what is vitamin C and how to avoid deficiency of vitamin C because in absence of adequate vitamin C levels in their blood, women may suffer preeclampsia, and deficiency of vitamin C will also increase risks of gallstones.