Effects of Vitamin D, Deficiency and Side Effects

All and sundry needs vitamins to keep themselves strong and healthy. Crucially, these are important for well being and for perfect state of mind and body. In this article, we’ll focus on the effects of Vitamin D, the common side effects and problems of lack of vitamin D.

What is the Use of Vitamin D?
Basically, Vitamin D, fat soluble, helps us in getting calcium from food into our bones, to keep healthy and strong bones. It is noted that it is useful for reducing arthritis and back pain problems and it also works as a shield against teeth diseases and gum. Skin cancer is also controlled by it.

Side Effects of Vitamin D and Dosage:
There is always the possibility of overdose of Vitamin D as it contains the ability to synthesize into the body directly from UV rays of sun. In this way, the overdose of it causes hypocalcaemia to the person. If you take 50,000 IUs, it’s an overdose. You are allowed to use 400 IUs daily to avoid overdose. It causes osteoporosis, Rickets, Dental Cavities and osteomalacia and you should avoid overdose. All these diseases belong to skeletal structure of the patient and by shortage of vitamin D; you become the prey of prevention of bones growth. Bones deformation is pretty dangerous form of it.

Deficiency of Vitamin D Causes:
In the effects of Vitamin D, the lack of it leads to the problems of intestines and absorption of calcium in intestines. It leads you to rickets and deformation of the bones in children. In adults, it weakens your bones and muscles. Muscle pain, low energy and moodless are the main symptoms of lack of vitamin D. The lacking effects of vitamin D leads you to accidental loss of muscles strength. Constant pain in bones also happens accordingly.

Who are at Risk?
Young children, elderly, office working adults and pregnant women are victims mostly. In the young age, it must be kept it mind that you’re fulfilling the requirements of vitamin d when you’re constantly growing your body at rapid speed. Office workers suffer from deficiency because people are not exposed to sunlight that leads the ability of body to produce vitamin d to the zero level. In the same way, pregnant women are tending to be prey of this problem by wake of their body’s trend to give nutrients to the baby. Also, you can heal yourself by having an hour walk daily in the park because vitamin d starts producing immediately.

Most of the time, masses prefer to stay in home in winter, people do not expose themselves to sunlight, hence; they become the victim of the effects of vitamin d deficiency. So, for the sake of getting rid of its lacking and to take it away from your body, you’ll just need to expose daily to sunlight, have some walk and use dosage of vitamin d accordingly. Do this and get results.