Excess Vitamin D?

While many people search about the importance of vitamin D, one should also remain aware of the side effects of excess vitamin D. Excess vitamin D is probable because not only we can attain good amount of vitamin D through our foods, we can also attain good amount of vitamin D by ourselves as our body can produce its own vitamin D if exposed to direct sun light. Yet, many people fail to attain enough vitamin D because they fail to spend enough time in direct sunlight. Furthermore, exposure to direct sunlight may cause certain skin problems and in some cases, it may also cause skin cancer. As people remain dependent on other sources of vitamin D, they may fall prey to excess vitamin D.
Vitamin D is very important for our body as it helps in increasing the immunity of our body against various bacterial and viral attacks and it also helps our body to absorb calcium and other important nutrients properly. Thus, proper amount of vitamin D are necessary for proper development and growth of our bones, nervous system, and muscles. Yet, excess vitamin D may cause certain side effects that need to be avoided. To avoid excess vitamin D, it is necessary to know proper requirement of vitamin D.
A healthy adult person requires around 600 AMU of vitamin D. If a woman is pregnant or if she is a breast feeding mother, she will require more amount of vitamin D because she needs to provide 400 IU of vitamin D for her breast feeding child. The requirement of vitamin D for elderly people is higher as they need around 800 IU of vitamin D regularly to confirm that they won’t suffer rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and various other health issues. However, excess vitamin D may cause serious problems for elderly people.
Yet, elderly people avoid thinking too much about excess vitamin D or vitamin D toxicity because the advantages of having good levels of vitamin D are more. Many young people also opt for high dose or excess of vitamin D to protect them against cancer. A cancer patient with higher level of vitamin D enjoys better chances of successful treatment because excess vitamin D helps in reducing cancer spread and curing it.
There are many food items that can offer us proper amount of vitamin D and we can produce it by our own too. The food sources rich in vitamin D include fortified milk, cheese, fortified margarine, fortified fruit juices, oranges, egg yolk, and other food items. Some fishes such as tuna fishes, sardine fishes, and salmon fishes are also rich source of vitamin D. However, if you are looking for excess vitamin D or if a person feels the need of overdoses of vitamin D, he will have to take medical help to attain higher concentration of vitamin D. Excess vitamin D thus obtained may save such a person against cancer or it may help in curing cancer but it may also cause vitamin D toxicity.