Facts about Vitamin D

In order to maintain good health, one needs to be informed of facts about Vitamin D which is an important nutrient that helps in maintaining strong bones. The Vitamin D is important because it helps our body to absorb the calcium we take through our food and food supplements. Without proper amount of Vitamin D, our body will fail to absorb the required calcium and that will affect the strength of our teeth and bones. People suffering with a lack of Vitamin D may happen to suffer thin, soft and brittle bones. Vitamin D is thus very important to reduce the chances of sicknesses like osteomalacia in adults or rickets in children.

However, while searching for facts about Vitamin D, one will realize that it is not only to strengthen our bones and keep them healthy; rather Vitamin D is also very useful to help our muscles move properly. In addition, we also need Vitamin D to keep our nerves functioning properly and Vitamin D is also necessary to strengthen our immune system against various parasites, viruses and bacteria that may attack our body. As stated above, Vitamin D helps our body in absorbing calcium and thus, it helps in preventing diseases like osteoporosis in elderly people.

One of the very important facts about Vitamin D is that it is found in every cell of our body where it is required and used properly. There are many eatable items that we can include in our daily diet to attain proper amount of Vitamin D. Such eatable items include fishes like tuna, salmon, and mackerel, egg yolks, beef liver, cheese, mushrooms, etc. In addition, Vitamin D is also added in various brands of fruit juices and milk.

While vitamin D is a necessary requirement for our body health, one of the interesting facts about Vitamin D is that we can attain vitamin D directly by exposing our skin to the sunlight. It is certainly one of the most important facts about Vitamin D that our own skin is able to produce it in presence of sun light. However, it should also be noted that only a part of the actual requirement of Vitamin D can be achieved through exposing our body in direct sunlight. In addition, a person with dark colored skin fails to produce enough Vitamin D even if he remains in sunlight for most of the part of the day. Thus, it is certainly necessary to keep a look at our diet and confirm that our food intake contains enough such entities that will provide vitamin D for out body.

Facts about Vitamin D Facts about Vitamin D

Another one important facts about Vitamin D is related with infant babies who are dependent on breastfeed. It is a known fact that while human milk is considered best for newly born children, it is a poor source of nutrients and specially of vitamin D. This is the reason why doctors often prescribe a Vitamin D supplement of around 400 IU per day for newly born child.

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