Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Everyone who wishes to maintain a good health and fitness needs to think about the daily intake of foods rich in Vitamin C. This is essential because without proper levels of vitamin C in a person’s blood, he or she cannot easily absorb the various important nutrients that are necessary for proper development and maintenance of our health. This is the main reason why foods rich in vitamin C must be included in our daily food intake. Furthermore, it is not very difficult to attain a number of foods rich in vitamin C regularly.

All citric fruits such as lemon contain a rich amount of ascorbic acid or the vitamin C. There are a number of other fruits and vegetables that contain good amount of vitamin C. However before discussing about foods rich in vitamin C, we must discuss about why vitamin C is so important for our body and what will happen if we fail to attain proper amount of vitamin C daily?

Foods Rich in Vitamin C Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in biochemical reactions that happen in our body through which, neurotransmitters are produced. Without proper amount of vitamin C, neurotransmitters will not be produced in enough quantity and that will create a number of neurological problems. Furthermore, proper control and working of muscular system also depends on neurotransmitters. Hence, deficiency of vitamin C will also weaken our muscular system. In addition, tissue making of muscular system also requires a good amount of vitamin C and hence, vitamin C is very important for our health and so are foods rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also very helpful for strengthening our immune system so that we can easily defend our body and health against a number of diseases and allergies. Vitamin C is a strong anti carcinogen too and hence, proper amount of vitamin C or excess of it proves to be helpful in avoiding cancer. In fact, there have been a number of medical studies that have suggested that higher levels of vitamin C can help in curing cancer. Thus, foods rich in vitamin C are very important.

As we know about the importance of vitamin C, we can suggest why foods rich in vitamin C are beneficial for us. There are number of fruits such as strawberries, sweet-apple, Amalaki, sour sop, blackcurrant, water melon, acerola cherries, kiwi, guava and many others that can offer good amount of vitamin C for our body. In addition, one can also take certain vegetables regularly to attain good amount of vitamin C. These vegetables include spinach, green mustard leafy vegetable, turnip green leafy vegetable, and all other green leafy vegetables. In addition, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, tomatoes, bell pepper, and broccoli are also foods rich in vitamin C.

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