How Much Vitamin d Should I Take Per Day?

After figuring out the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency, the question arises that how much vitamin d should I take per day? Recent researches have made it clear that vitamin d has perfect effects on each organ of the human body and make the immune system work potentially. For obtaining the health benefits, the dire need of taking plentiful supplements of vitamin d is there to cope with. When you’re suffering from deficiency of vitamin d, how much vitamin d you should take to be fit.

How Much Vitamin d Should I Take Per Day?
Pretty small amount of dose of vitamin d will avoid children to get rickets and by taking somewhat higher amount of vitamin d, the adults can prevent disease like osteomalacia, the soft bone. Moreover, if you take some more quantity, it might prevent you from diabetes, bone fractures, auto-immune disease and bone problems. It becomes easy to avoid cancer and heart-diseases as well. Being a young person, you’ll require to intake 400 to 600 IU of vitamin d as it is recommended for adults. For children, you can use 200 IU per day and it would be enough to save children from rickets. Why do you take high amount when such low amount of vitamin d can be sufficient! Furthermore, if you keep on taking vitamin d at higher amount, your body may keep on requiring higher amount from you in the upcoming days. So, be careful in taking optimum dose.

Adequate Intake Levels of Vitamin D:
The Institute of Medicine of National Academy of Sciences has recommended to intake 200IU per day for children, 400IU per day for adults and 600IU per day for 70 years old persons. These figures were presented in 1997 by the institute. These adequate figures can play a vital role in your daily routine. Is there any need to ask now how much vitamin d should I take per day? After reading this article, you’ll surely be satisfied by the figures your body requires from you.

Exposure to Sunlight Reduces Intake:
Are you looking for knowing about reducing the daily vitamin d intake? If so, there is no need to look for anything else as you can know that exposure to the sunlight reduces the chances of daily intake of vitamin d. By going regularly in the sun, and by taking dose consistently, you take reduce the quantity of your dose. In this way, you would be able to get your body and immune system work well.

While looking for how much vitamin d should I take per day, you should need to know that intake of 400IU is recommended by the U.S Food and Drug Administration for adults and children at the same level. Also, you’ll need to know that by taking some precautionary measure, you can reduce the chances of suffering of vitamin d deficiency and can have ideal workout. So, it is good to expose ourselves in the sunlight ultraviolet rays for the sake of required level of vitamin d.