Interesting Facts about Vitamin D

After learning the facts about vitamin D, you will surprised to know that this seemingly unimportant nutrient helps us to maintain good health in so many number of ways and this is why it will be interesting to know the facts about vitamin D. One of the major facts about vitamin D is that without proper amounts of vitamin D, you will face weakness, weak immune system, weak muscle system, weak nervous system, and weak bone structure with weak and brittle bones. However, it should be noted that vitamin D has no direct role in strengthening your bones or maintaining your teeth, muscles or nerves. So what is the role of vitamin D in strengthening your body?

One of the most interesting facts about vitamin D is that it helps your body to actually absorb and make good use of the calcium that you attain with your food to maintain a healthy body. Without proper amount of vitamin D in your body, your internal system will fail to assimilate and make use of calcium which is necessary for strength of bones, and for better functioning of muscles and nervous system. In addition, one of the facts about vitamin D is also that it helps in strengthening your immune system directly so that you may fight against various bacteria and viruses attacks to avoid various diseases.

Vitamin D is very important for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers so that they may make better use of the calcium to strengthen their bones and to provide strong bones for the newly born babies. A child facing deficiency of vitamin D may suffer diseases like rickets and brittle bones. Some facts of about vitamin D are so important that you will immediately start concentrating on improving the level of vitamin D in your blood. As for example, vitamin D may prove to be an effective preventive treatment against at least seventeen types of cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. This is one of the most important and amazing facts about vitamin D that a cancer patient enjoys double the chances of successful survival against cancer if vitamin D level in his blood is higher than a patient whose vitamin D level are average or lower.

Facts about Vitamin D Interesting Facts about Vitamin D

Because of these amazing facts about vitamin D, doctors often prescribe healthy dosages of vitamin D for their patients. Doctors further suggest healthy eating habits for their patients so that they may attain enough amount of vitamin D. One of the very common facts about vitamin D is that your own body can produce some amount of vitamin D if exposed to direct sun light. However, this is certainly not one of the best ways to attain the required amount of vitamin D nor it is efficient because too much exposure of direct sun light will cause tanning, reddening, and rashes of skin and it may also cause itching and darkening of skin. In addition, excessive exposure to sun light may also cause skin cancer.

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