Looking for Side Effects of Vitamin C?

If you are looking for information about side effects of vitamin C, you should notice that deficiency of vitamin C causes a lot of side effects and excess of vitamin C also causes a few side effects. We will discuss about side effects of vitamin C in details but first, we need to understand about why vitamin C is needed by our body. Vitamin C is an especial bio-chemical product that is required in various bio-chemical reactions that undergo in our bodies. Vitamin C is commonly known as ascorbic acid and it is useful for muscle tissue production and repairing and it is also useful for production of neurotransmitters. Thus, deficiency of vitamin C will mean improper functioning of our muscle and nervous systems.

Side effects of vitamin C can be difficult but deficiency of vitamin C causes more health issues such as sickles, easy bleeding, difficulty in healing of injuries and wounds, weaker bones, arthritis problems, osteomalacia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Also, vitamin C is strong anti-carcinogen and it can selectively kill cancerous tissues. This is why vitamin C cancer treatment is often preferred by doctors to treat their patients. This shows that while there can be side effects of vitamin C in excess, but deficiency of vitamin C can create more serious health issues.

Side effects of vitamin C are very rare and they may happen only if a person takes too much of vitamin C regularly. This is because of the physical properties of vitamin C which is very readily soluble in water. The water solution of excess vitamin C in our body is expelled through urine to avoid vitamin C toxicity. The average requirement for an adult male is 90 mgs per day and for a female is 75 mgs per day but, a person can easily take as much as 2000 mgs of vitamin C without fearing about side effects of vitamin C as he or she will be able to expel out all the excess within a time period through urine passage. This is a blessing because higher doses of vitamin C prove to be very beneficial for cancer patients and it has been established through many medical research studies and observations.
However, despite of great solubility of vitamin C in water and our ability to avoid side effects of vitamin C to a great extent, side effects of vitamin C or vitamin C toxicity is possible in those who regularly take high doses of vitamin C. These side effects can be serious for a diabetic patient. In general, excess of vitamin C may result in constipation, digestive problems, gastric problems, and cramps in abdomen. Elderly ladies taking high doses of vitamin C may get prone to obesity as one of the side effects of vitamin C. However, despite of all probable side effects that a person may suffer due to continuous consumption of too much of vitamin C daily, these side effects are ignorable especially because higher levels of vitamin C can prove to be life saving for cancer patients and elderly people.