Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C Review

Lypo-spheric vitamin C is a medical type of vitamin C which is prescribed by doctors for their patients when they need high doses of vitamin C for better health and recuperation against long illnesses. Taking lypo-spheric vitamin C is considered as a safe way for getting high doses of vitamin C without risking any major side effects. Vitamin C is a strong healing agent and it helps in preventing excessive bleeding, healing wounds, injuries and helping a patient in recuperating against sicknesses. In addition, doctors also prefer to prescribe high doses of vitamin C for cancer patients because vitamin C cancer treatment proves to be helpful. Lypo-spheric vitamin C is a safer way to attain high doses of vitamin C and in general a lypo-spheric vitamin C capsule or tablet may provide around 1000 mg of vitamin C for a person.

The general requirement of a healthy adult male is very less and he needs to take just 90 mg of vitamin C daily to maintain proper healthy. On the other hand, a healthy grown up woman requires lesser amount (around 75 mg of vitamin C) for proper health. Even if a person is trapped in bad habit of heavy smoking, he needs to take just 20-25 mg extra of vitamin C to avoid any respiratory health issue. Yet, in some conditions, a patient may require to take high doses of vitamin C and in such cases, doctors often prefer to prescribe lypo-spheric vitamin C. It is considered as better way to increase level of vitamin C in a patient’s blood than the other ways including injections and IV vitamin C. Lypo-spheric vitamin C contains liposomes containing high concentration of vitamin C.
It should be noted that vitamin C is highly soluble in water, which means that any extra amount of vitamin C can be easily dissolved in water inside the body and then it can be removed through urination. A person suffering from high dose of vitamin C that may cause toxicity, will suffer situations like lose motions or diarrhea and will eventually remove all excessive vitamin C. However, if taken through liposomes as in lypo-spheric vitamin C, the risks of such toxicity will be significantly less and the vitamin C thus taken will directly mix with blood without causing intestinal disturbances.

General amount of vitamin C can be taken by eating vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, spinach, papaya, broccoli, guava, cauliflower, strawberries, tomatoes, Amalaki, watercress, blackcurrant, mustard green leafs, acerola cherries, turnip green leaves and other vegetables and fruits. All citric fruits such as lemons are also good resource of vitamin C. A person can also raise levels of vitamin C through taking liquid vitamin C and going through vitamin C flush. However, the best way to attain higher level of vitamin C is taking lypo-spheric vitamin C.

Lypo-spheric vitamin C is easily available and it can offer up to 1000 mg of vitamin C per capsule, however; a doctor may prescribe two or three capsules per day. One should take this high concentration of vitamin C only after proper medical checkup and prescription of doctor.