Lypo-spheric Vitamin C

One can attain capsules of lypo-spheric vitamin C to avoid deficiency of vitamin C or to attain higher level of vitamin C in their blood to attain certain medical benefits. Before examining more about lypo-spheric vitamin C, one should enquire about why vitamin C is necessary for our body and how much is it necessary. Vitamin C is no nutrient for our body but, it certainly helps our body to absorb and make use of various important nutrients such as calcium properly to help proper growth and development of our body. Vitamin C is vital because it is required for the production of neurotransmitters for our body that helps in proper functioning of our brain-body responses and nervous system.
People suffering from serious deficiency of vitamin C may take help of lypo-spheric vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C may result in weaker bones, weaker immune system, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in elderly people. A newly born baby or an adult may suffer sickles or fragile skin and easy bleeding problems because of deficiency of vitamin C. However, lypo-spheric vitamin C is specifically useful for those people who need to take very high amount of vitamin C as it is imperative for them to have higher levels of vitamin C in their blood. Cancer patients are often prescribed for lypo-spheric vitamin C because it helps in attaining proper vitamin C cancer treatment that increases the chances of survival and successful cure of the cancer patient.

Before knowing more about lypo-spheric vitamin C, let us also explore about the proper amount of vitamin C to be taken daily by a healthy adult person to maintain good health and fitness of body. As mentioned earlier, vitamin C is necessary for proper nervous and muscle system. Calcium is required for maintenance and rebuilding of muscle tissues. But one cannot absorb enough calcium if he is suffering deficiency of vitamin C. A normal healthy non-smoking adult person will require 90 mgs of vitamin C daily to maintain good health if he is a male. A female on the other hand will require only 75 mgs of vitamin C daily if she is not addicted to smoking. Smokers need to take higher amount of vitamin C and this higher amount also provides certain protection for them against possible cancer.

Lypo-spheric vitamin C can be used to attain very high levels of vitamin C in blood. But before opting for lypo-spheric vitamin C or any other vitamin C supplement, it is necessary to realize that excess of vitamin C may also cause some side effects such as constipation, gastric troubles and abdominal pains. However, in certain cases, side effects of vitamin C deficiency prove to be more dangerous than issues of vitamin C toxicity. Furthermore, one can easily remove excess of vitamin C through urine because it is highly soluble in water. Thus, while taking lypo-spheric vitamin C, one doesn’t need to worry too much about vitamin C toxicity.