Main Causes of Low Vitamin D in Body

Everyone is trying to figure out the main causes of low vitamin levels in body but lack of sunlight, vegetables and milk does everything against you. It is genuine threat and serious problem for the health as the sunlight gives the body strength and skin converts the sun rays into vitamin d. Besides that egg’s yolk, sardines and fish oils can do what you desire. Bone pain, muscle low working and macular pain, immune system disorder and rickets are the main symptoms of vitamin do to consider at.

Main causes of low vitamin d levels are common to ponder at as they are affecting the healthy people’s health around the globe. Vitamin d deficiency is caused by not using eggs, fish oils, beef liver, cod liver oil, cheese and vegetable diets. All these foods carry vitamin d in them and they should be used in your dietary plans to perform well.

In the causes of low vitamin d, the less exposure to the sunlight also plays vital role. If you expose your skin in the sunlight for some time, you’ll be getting enough vitamin d but it happens only in the warmth and open areas of the world. In the rushed areas of the world or in city areas, it would not be easy for you to do this. So, you’ll need to use vitamin d supplements to make the need fulfilled.
The residents of South Africa have less ability to absorb vitamin d because the black skin of them has pigment in it which reduces the ability of the body. So, exposing to the sunlight will not affect you if you reside in South Africa. It causes much harm to the people of higher ages.

Working of kidneys plays vital role in producing vitamin d but if they do not work well and give performance in producing vitamin d, the problem will automatically increase. Also, the digestive problems can lead you to suffer from further issues as well if your food is not digested well in the body and absorption of vitamin d does not occur properly. You may become the victim of Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis if your body does not digest anything well.

What causes of low vitamin d is the less usage of the foods that contain vitamin d in them resulting to the weaker bones and weaker immune system. In this way, it can affect your health in the way that cannot be left unchecked. Thick garments can also be one of the causes of low levels of vitamin d as thick garments do not allow your body to have more sunlight absorb in your body. In this way, you’ll be suffering from less vitamin d.

So, keeping all these causes of low vitamin d in mind, you can figure out ideal solution to use because exposure to the sunlight can give you much vitamin d to fulfill the requirements of the body. Your body will become strong.