Normal Vitamin D levels

Everyone knows about the importance of mineral calcium in our body as it helps in building and keeping our bones strong and healthy, however; only a few people know that without having normal vitamin D levels, it will be difficult for a person to maintain healthy bones, muscles and nervous system. This is because of the fact that normal vitamin D levels are required to help our body to absorb proper amount of calcium to fulfill its needs. If you do not have normal vitamin D levels, you will suffer various diseases as it will weaken your immune system while your bones will also grow weak.

Normal vitamin D levels for children
Newly born children need good amount of calcium and vitamin D both so that their body may properly use the calcium to build up their bones, muscles and nervous system. On an average, a child requires around 400 IU of vitamin D everyday for proper growth. This is the reason why a breast feeding mother should take higher amount of vitamin D levels as this vitamin D will be provided to the child. Normal amount of vitamin D will protect the child against serious illnesses like rickets.

Normal Vitamin D levels for Adults
If you are an adult, your requirements of vitamin D are higher than that of a child. Normal vitamin D levels will protect you against skin diseases like psoriasis and it will also strengthen your bones and will safeguard you against bones diseases like osteoporosis and osteomalacia. It order to attain proper amount of vitamin D, you need to enrich your food intake with proper food items which are rich in vitamin D such as; fortified milk, fortified cheese, fortified margarine, fortified fruit juices, orange juice, fishes such as sardines, salmon and tuna fishes, and egg yolk, Along with these there are some more food items that will offer you rich amount of vitamin D. Good amount of vitamin D will also provide you a protection shield against some deadly cancerous diseases. Doctors and medical experts have established that proper or higher amounts of vitamin D levels in our blood may protect us against seventeen or more types of cancer. Normal vitamin D levels for adult people are around 600 IU per day.

Normal vitamin D levels for elderly people
Elderly people require higher amount of vitamin D in their body because at old age, our body starts deteriorating and our bones, muscles and nervous system requires extra support. Normal vitamin D levels for elderly people are around 900 IU per day but some elderly people may require it more. Elderly people can save their body against various painful health issues including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bones and teeth issues such as tooth decay.

Normal Vitamin D levels Normal Vitamin D levels

However, normal vitamin D levels for elderly people become more important because it also helps them in maintaining their muscles and nervous system properly and if they suffer deficiency of vitamin D, they may suffer obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

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