Relation of Vitamin C and Colds

There is a strong relationship between vitamin C and colds as deficiency of vitamin C will make a person prone to colds, cough, and other respiratory problems. This specific relation between vitamin C and colds suggest that taking proper quantity of vitamin C every day will protect a person against colds. This relation between vitamin C and colds is because of the fact that colds are another type of bacterial infection which can be avoided if a person is strongly immune against viral and bacterial infections and allergies. Proper amount of vitamin C are required to make your immune system strong and hence, good amount of vitamin C every day ensures that a person will remain safe against viral and bacterial infections.

Now when we know about the relation between vitamin C and colds, we can easily safeguard ourselves against those sneezes and other problems of colds and respiratory infections. It should be noted that a cigarette smoker needs more amount of vitamin C than a normal person with no addiction to smoking. In general, a healthy adult male who never smokes will need just 90 mgs of vitamin C per day to remain healthy and perfectly immune to viral and bacterial infections such as colds. On the other end, a healthy adult male who is in habit of heavy smoking will need to take extra amount of vitamin C and will have to take around 110 mgs of vitamin C every day to confirm good health and protection against colds and other bacterial infections.

After attaining proper understanding about vitamin C and colds, one can protect themselves against colds and other infections by taking good amount of vitamin C. Smokers should take extra care of their vitamin C intake either through regular foods or through food supplements because vitamin C will not only protect them against simple cough, and colds, but also, it will prove to be a strong safety guard for them against the risks of thyroid or throat cancer which may be caused due to too much smoking.

Vitamin C is a strong anti-carcinogen agent and it can offer good support for cancer patients so that they may successfully save their life against this deadly disease. The good effects of higher levels of vitamin C for cancer patients have been observed and registered through a number of recent research studies. Thus, vitamin C and colds are not the only reason for a person to take extra amounts of citric fruits and others that are considered rich resource of vitamin C. By eating these fruits regularly, one can attain a valid protection against a number of cancers to an extent.

Now when we know the relation between vitamin C and colds, we may think about the fruits that will help us to get good amount of vitamin C to remain healthy. These fruits include sweet apple, Amalaki, sour sop, guava, kiwi, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, and strawberries. In addition, one should also take vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, and cauliflower as these are rich resource of vitamin C.

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