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Vitamin C Cancer

Vitamin C cancer treatment and relationship is based on the fact that vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and hence it can be used for treating certain cancers such as breast cancer. According to some medical studies, vitamin C cancer treatment and prevention therapy can be very successful to prevent and treat breast cancer. According […]


Vitamin D Cancer Treatment

Vitamin D cancer treatment doesn’t suggest that vitamin D can be used to treat and cure cancerous diseases. However, recent medical research studies have established that higher levels of vitamin D in a person’s blood may protect him against developing various types of cancers. Vitamin D cancer treatment actually suggests that vitamin D can be […]

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Vitamin D for Cancer Treatment

Recent researches have shown that there is connection between deficiencies of Vitamin D and Cancer and hence, vitamin D cancer treatment has raised hopes. The idea of vitamin D cancer treatment is simply based on the approved fact that deficiency of vitamin D may increase risk of breast, colon, and rectal cancer. This is also […]

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