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Benefits of Vitamin C for Colds

While health benefits of vitamin C are well known, very few people know about the use of vitamin C for colds. Vitamin C can effectively increase the strength of our body immune system to protect us against a number of diseases and illnesses and it increases our ability to avoid viral and bacterial infections. Since […]


Relation of Vitamin C and Colds

There is a strong relationship between vitamin C and colds as deficiency of vitamin C will make a person prone to colds, cough, and other respiratory problems. This specific relation between vitamin C and colds suggest that taking proper quantity of vitamin C every day will protect a person against colds. This relation between vitamin […]

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Vitamin C and Colds

If you are a person who regularly faces common problems like colds, you should enquire about the relation between vitamin C and colds. A deficiency of vitamin C and colds are directly related as vitamin C provides protection against various allergies and infections and it certainly helps in protection of a person against colds. However, […]