The Best Vitamin C Drink

Vitamin C can be attained through vitamin C drink and this is easy because vitamin C is highly soluble in water. Vitamin C drink proves to be more helpful because taking vitamin C in liquid form helps our body to absorb it quickly. All citric fruits are good source of vitamin C and hence the juices of citric fruits can be said as vitamin C drink. Along with that, juices of other fruits such as kiwi, papaya, water melon, Amalaki, guava, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, and strawberries are also rich in vitamin C. Before understanding the importance of vitamin C drink for our body, let us explore about the benefits of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that proves to be a great and effective healing agent against any sort of injury or wound. It also strengthens our immune system to fight against a number of infections and diseases such as cold and flues. Since vitamin C is an anti oxidant, it can be used as prevention against cancer for our body.

In order to attain proper amount of vitamin C for your body, you may take vitamin C drink or fruit juices. A normal healthy adult male requires around 90 mg of vitamin C while a normal healthy female requires 75 mg of vitamin C. However, if the male is addicted to smoking, he will need 110 mg of vitamin C. Similarly, a smoking adult woman will require 95 mg of vitamin C. However, a person can easily assimilate and tolerate as high amount as 2000 mg of vitamin C without suffering any serious side effects. This is because of the fact that vitamin C is highly soluble in water and if you have already taken it as vitamin C drink, then it will be easier to remove the excessive vitamin C through urination.

Too much of vitamin C drink may cause some side effects such as loose motions, disturbed stomach, cramps in abdomen, and diarrhea. However, postmenopausal women suffering with diabetes may also suffer issues related to cardiovascular diseases but such side effects are very rare. In fact, there are no serious side effects of excessive vitamin C drink. Yes, a deficiency of vitamin C may cause serious ills such as scurvy.

Doctors often prescribe mega doses of vitamin C drink for their cancer patients and this is because of its anti oxidant properties. There are very few side effects of vitamin C drink in excess and these side effects are not very serious. On the other hand, higher level of vitamin C in a person’s blood will help her to successfully fight against cancer diseases such as breast cancer.
The advantages of vitamin C for a cancer patient are much more effective and profitable than the possible side effects and illnesses related with excessive vitamin C levels in a person’s body. This is the reason why doctors prefer to prescribe high doses of vitamin C for cancer patients that they can attain through vitamin C drink and vitamin C serum.