Taking the Best Vitamin C?

Once a person realizes the importance of vitamin C and why it is important to maintain good level of it in our blood, they try to know the ways to attain best vitamin C. Vitamin C can be taken either as a solid powder, or as a liquid solution. One may also get vitamin C syrup and there are ways to take liposomal and lypo-spheric vitamin C too. However, which will prove to be the best vitamin C depends on a person’s health condition and their needs of vitamin C.
Before deciding for one’s needs of vitamin C, they will have to examine the benefits of vitamin C and the issues of deficiency of vitamin C properly and only then one may decide which will prove to be the best vitamin C for them.

Without proper amount of vitamin C in a person’s body, they cannot absorb and assimilate the proper amounts of calcium and other important minerals. This causes weakness and brittleness of bones and improper functioning of muscles and nervous system. In addition, deficiency of vitamin C results in easy bleeding, scurvy, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and a number of other health issues. Obviously, vitamin C is very important for proper health and fitness and this is why it is necessary to know about the way which is best vitamin C supplementation. However, not everyone needs to take vitamin C supplements. Before deciding for the best vitamin C supplement, it is necessary to know about the general requirements of vitamin C for a healthy fit body. On and average, a healthy adult male person who is not addicted to smoking needs 90 milligrams of vitamin C daily. On the other end, a male adult person who is a smoker will require to take 110 mgs of vitamin C daily to maintain a good health. Similarly, requirement of daily intake of vitamin C for a healthy adult female with no addiction to smoking is of 75 mgs of vitamin C per day. If the adult female is addicted to smoking, she will need to take 95 mgs of vitamin C every day.

the Best Vitamin C Taking the Best Vitamin C?

It is necessary to confirm that a person is really in need of taking vitamin C supplements because excess of vitamin C may also cause certain side effects. However, vitamin C toxicity doesn’t cause too much complicated side effects and a person can easily take higher doses of around 2000 mgs of vitamin C while they can easily expel out the excess of vitamin C through urinary system. This is possible because vitamin C is highly soluble in water.

Doctors often prescribe higher doses of best vitamin C supplements for those patients who are suffering cancer. Various medical science research studies have established that higher levels of vitamin C in a cancer patient’s blood help him or her to fight against the cancer and get properly cured.

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