The Importance of Vitamin C for Colds

Not many people realize the importance of vitamin C for colds prevention. Vitamin C is required for better health and for production of neurotransmitters and various proteins including collagen. Vitamin C also provides help for our body in assimilating calcium, iron and other important minerals properly and hence, it is important for healthy strong bones and fit body. However, vitamin C is lot more useful than all these. Vitamin C for cold prevention is the one of the unique way to prevent cold, flu and various types of respiratory allergies and infections. It should be noted that while we need to take our vitamin C from plants, fruits and vegetables, dogs can produce their own vitamin C in their body. This further shows that human beings are meant to be vegetarian or omnivorous at the best.

Now when we know the importance of vitamin C for cold prevention and treatment, we may explore the ways of attaining enough vitamin C for our body. But before that, let us discuss about how much of vitamin C is needed to remain healthy. For a normal adult male, 90 mg of vitamin C for colds and other health benefits is enough. However, if this person is addicted to smoking and nicotine, then he will have to take extra vitamin C for colds and other health issues. For an adult male smoker, 110 mg of vitamin C per day are required. An adult female requires 75 mg of vitamin C if she isn’t addicted to smoking. If she smokes, she should take 95 mg of vitamin C daily.

While deficiency of vitamin C for colds and other health issues may cause problems, excess of vitamin C is not that big problem because vitamin C is readily soluble in water and excess of it can be easily removed through urination. A healthy person can easily consume 2000 mg of vitamin C without suffering any serious side effects. While value of vitamin C for colds prevention is known, we cannot ignore the fact that vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant and hence, it acts as prevention against a number of cancers. This is the reason why smokers and tobacco chewers are advised to take more vitamin C than normal. Vitamin C can also help a woman in prevention of issues related with breast cancer. However, excess of vitamin C may cause some issues for postmenopausal women suffering from diabetes. However, high doses of vitamin C are only prescribed for cancer patients as it helps them in fighting against the spread of cancer.

Apart from the importance of vitamin C for colds, it is also useful because vitamin C is essential for the production of neurotransmitters and collagen in our body without which, our nervous system and muscle system cannot work properly. Vitamin C for colds also protects a person against various other allergies, bacterial and viral infections and other diseases as it helps in strengthening the immune system of a person.