Things You Should Know About Vitamin C Cancer

Various medical researchers have studied the effect of vitamin C cancer treatment and they have found that a patient suffering from cancer will have better opportunities to get cured if the level of vitamin C is higher in his blood. These researches are the basis of vitamin C cancer treatment. Vitamin D and vitamin C both work as anti-carcinogen and hence, adequate amount of both of these vitamins also help in preventing at least 17 types of cancers in human body. These aspects of vitamin C and positive effects of vitamin C cancer treatment have increased the awareness about importance of vitamin C in people.

While deficiency of vitamin C may cause a number of serious sicknesses including sickles, easy bleeding, deteriorating skin, weak bones, muscular system, and nervous system, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, joint pains, and a lot more health problems, it also makes you prone to cancerous diseases. On the other hand, higher level of vitamin C works as vitamin C cancer treatment which is effective.

Before discussing the higher levels of ascorbic acid in blood for vitamin C cancer treatment, it would be beneficial to know about the regular or average vitamin C levels in blood of a healthy person. An adult male who doesn’t smoke requires around 90 mg of vitamin C daily to maintain proper health while an adult female non-smoker requires 75 mgs of vitamin C per day. Smoking increases the requirement of vitamin C for a person and an adult male regular smoker requires 110 mg of vitamin C while an adult female smoker needs 95 mgs of vitamin C daily.

While our need of vitamin C is pretty low, our bodies are able to absorb higher concentration of vitamin C without actually suffering any serious side effects. According to some studies, a person may take 2000 mgs of vitamin C a day without suffering any serious symptoms of vitamin C toxicity. This is because of the fact that vitamin C is readily soluble in water and hence, the excess of vitamin C that a person takes, gets out of his body through urine passage. This also helps a cancer patient to go through vitamin C cancer treatment without actually suffering any serious side effects. Furthermore, the general side effects of vitamin C cancer treatments are so negligible that it is always beneficial for a cancer patient to go through vitamin C cancer treatment rather than worrying for vitamin C toxicity.

A person who is not a patient of cancer and doesn’t need vitamin C cancer treatment, yet, if he is addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco is often advised to take more vitamin C or to eat more such fruits and vegetables that contains higher amount of vitamin C. Amalaki, a fruit found in Indian sub continent contains a rich amount of vitamin C (about 447 mg of vitamin C in every 100 grams of Amalaki). In addition, there are many other fruits such as sweet-apple, strawberries, sour sop, kiwi, water melon, acerola cherries, and blackcurrant.