Too Much Vitamin B Leads to 4 Diseases

Most of the people love eating sweet foods but they are not aware of the calories they intake by eating sugar. It is a great threat for human health as it can bring problems in the daily dietary plan. Too much vitamin b leads to 4 kinds of diseases and you can suffer from various other issues as well. Try to have lower calories in your body so that the suffering may not come up in your way. Those who prefer eating sweets, they suffer from vitamin b excess in their bodies.

Toxin Accumulated in Body:

When you will eat sugar, you will suffer from higher levels of vitamin b as your body requires the sweets to decompose it for calories production in the body. With the assistance of too much vitamin b, the metabolic process increases and takes part in detoxification. You will be finally suffering from excretion. If you use too much vitamin b for long time, this will required your body to generate vitamin all the time but this is not possible for the body. This excessive consumption will lead you to have deficiency of vitamin b resulting into toxin accumulation in the body. This will harm later on.

Blood Pressure:

Excessive use of sweets will increase the levels of insulin and secrete catecholamine. It also increases the activity of sympathetic nerves in the body that directly deals with the tensity of the vessels. So, this can be the main reason for high blood pressure leading you to suffer from various issues. By wake of it, the higher levels of insulin will also increase the re-absorption of water and sodium in kidney. This will detain too much water and sodium in your body increasing the blood volume to higher levels. This will increase your blood pressure. Also, the sweets can be the main elements for your obesity. Too much vitamin b can lead you to have higher fats in the body leading you to become obese.


This disease can be dangerous for adults as it gives their bones higher pain. Sugar is the main part that leads you to produce large number of intermediate products in your body. This will produce lactic acid in your body by wake of metabolic process leading you to suffer from bone pains. Your bones will suffer from various issues and you will suffer from other things as well. Too much vitamin b can lead you to have osteoporosis in your body to suffer from bone pains.


If you intake too much vitamin b or sugar in your body, the body will be having higher levels of fats leading you to be obese. Obesity can lead you to various other diseases as well and you can know about the symptoms of dysthymia, impulsive, headstrong, dental caries, easily irritable and myopia. These symptoms can lead you to suffering as well.

Too much vitamin b is truly the dangerous one as it leads you to these 4 diseases but by having some control on your diet, you can have riddance easily.