Top 10 Foods Containing Vitamin D

I have had a blood test in the last week and doctors advised me to have vitamin d intake to be away from deficiency of it. How can I have higher intake of vitamin d? “If you go into the sunlight for only 20 minutes, you can have low chances of vitamin d deficiency” he said. Also, he told me about top 10 foods containing vitamin d in them to use to cope with this issue. I was recommended to use more oily fish to have high levels of metal in my own body. I could eat egg yolks but I did not want to increase the level of cholesterol in my body. The obesity can occur if I overdose it.

It is called sunshine vitamin as well as by exposing into the sunlight, you can store high levels of it through your bare skin. The warmth interacts with enzymes from our liver and kidneys. If I go into the sunshine daily for 20 minutes, I need nothing to obtain in the form of foods and supplements. So, if you suffer from deficiency of vitamin d for few months, you can lead your body to diabetes, osteoarthritis, depression, heart disease, cancer, gum disease and psoriasis. These diseases especially psoriasis can lead to the long term problems due to low phosphorus and calcium in our kidney. Let me state 10 foods containing vitamin d in them candidly.

  • Top 10 Natural Sources of Vitamin D:
  • Sunlight is crucial.
  • Salmon is good to use in 100 grams daily.
  • Tuna contains 1/3 of your requirement.
  • Rictotta cheese.
  • Other fish like sardines.
  • Flounder contains 1/4 of the daily need.
  • Milk cream.
  • Cereals with seeds and nuts. Some of them are fortified with omega 3 and calcium.
  • Fish or cod liver oil.
  • Eggs especially yolk of the eggs contains 1/10 of your requirement.

So, by using these top 10 foods containing vitamin d in them, you can make your body strong and tough to fight against problems. Moreover, you can use butter, oatmeal, olive oil and sweet potatoes because these foods contain higher levels of vitamin d in them as well. Vitamin d can effectively give your body phosphorus and calcium for the sake of the best performance. Furthermore, oily fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon and herring can add extra amount of vitamin d in your body.

Keeping all these foods containing vitamin d in mind can add a lot in your body because these are pretty crucial sources to have the required levels of vitamin d. In this way, to make your body strong and make your immune system perfect, you can have ideally the best results. It would be easy to have higher levels of vitamin d in your body by using these foods containing vitamin d higher levels. Try to use these foods to be strong enough in your bones and to get riddance from disorder of immune system so that you may work perfectly.