Top Food Rich in Vitamin D to Strengthen Immune System

Are you aware of the best foods that are rich in vitamin d? Before going to know top food rich in vitamin d list, let us state candidly the significance of vitamin d for human body and health. Vitamin D assists us to strengthen immune system for the sake of production of phagocytosis and it permits body to fight against the production of tumor. The best food rich in vitamin d is good to have because it provides good care to the body and also it gives bones and teeth somewhat strengthen to fight against germs. We can only save our teeth and bones by the help of vitamin D and can maintain the level of phosphorus and calcium accordingly.

How We Become Victim of Vitamin D Deficiency:

We become victim of lack of vitamin d when we do not properly expose ourselves to the sunlight and ultraviolet rays of sun. We face liver and kidney problems. Most of the time, lack of vitamin can come to you from your parents or it can be inherited to you from your families and mainly due to the weaker genes. If we do not care of ourselves in the young age and prefer to work in the shadowy areas, we become the victim of lack of vitamin d. Here is the list of food rich in vitamin d to consider:

  • Fish like salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel are the best foods rich in vitamin to intake for intake of vitamin d.
  • The flesh of fish and liver oil of fish can be the rich source of the foods for you.
  • Cod liver oil can be handy to have for having food rich in vitamin d.
  • By taking eggs, milk and butter, you can intake vitamin d in handy amount. Minerals can also be taken easily when you want to take vitamin D in body.

Fish and Cod Liver Oil:
Most of the fish contains high levels of vitamin D in them but you’ll need to use sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon because they contain higher level of vitamin D in them and you can get the required level you are looking for. Moreover, only tablespoon of cod liver oil can play its part in providing you higher levels of vitamin d and you will be good enough to have the required level.
All in all, these fish and cod liver oil, along with other food rich in vitamin d, can play vital role to provide you vitamin d so that you may get yourself fit and may not suffer from soft bones and skeletal problems. In this way, you can make your body strong enough to have the required level for your body and you can be fit and healthy. The immune system of human body runs properly and works adequately so that you may have the required level of food rich in vitamin d to avoid the lack of vitamin d to look attractive in walk.