Topical Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very helpful nutrient that our body needs to remain fit, fine and healthy and topical vitamin C is a source to maintain the beauty of our skin. Topical vitamin C helps in rejuvenating our skin and making it glow like never before. There are a number of advantages of having good levels of vitamin C in our blood. The very first advantage is that vitamin C avoids any unnecessary bleeding and it helps in healing and curing any injury, bleeding cut or wound as soon as possible. Vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant too and it helps in helping a person to recover after long sickness in short time. Vitamin C is useful constituent of various biochemical reactions that produces important neurotransmitters and collagen for our body. Neurotransmitters are required for proper functioning of our body, muscle systems and nervous system. Collagen is a special protein which is required for better health and good glowing skin.
Topical vitamin C has a lot of advantages. Let us know how we can attain the required vitamin C for our body. Vitamin C is naturally available in various fruits and vegetables and we can attain our needs of vitamin C by consuming these fruits and vegetables. Certain vegetables that are very rich source of vitamin C are bell pepper, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower. In addition, we can also attain good amount of vitamin C by consuming spinach, which is also a rich source of iron. Other dark green leafy vegetables such as mustard green leaves, turnip green leaves, chards, and watercress are also rich source of vitamin C. Topical vitamin C helps in making our skin better and it helps in rejuvenating it. Various fruits are also good source of vitamin C and all citric fruits such as lemon are good source of liquid vitamin C. other fruits, like strawberries, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, papaya, guava, water melon etc are good resource of topical vitamin C.

Deficiency of vitamin C may cause some serious diseases and sickness as it not only reduces the strength of our immune system, deficiency of vitamin C also makes our respiratory system prone to various viral and bacterial infections. However, the deficiency of topical vitamin C causes great negative effects on our skin and it starts sagging, scaling, and bleeding. Deficiency of topical vitamin C may result in various skin diseases and it may result in scurvy. Topical vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant and it works as anti-carcinogen and protects our skin against skin cancer and other types of cancers.

While deficiency of topical vitamin C may cause serious problems, excess of vitamin C is relatively not so dangerous. In some cases, excess of vitamin C may result in vitamin C toxicity but it doesn’t have much severe side effects. One may suffer loose motions, troubles stomach, gastric problems and diarrhea because of excessive topical vitamin C. in general; a healthy person can easily consume around 2000 mg of vitamin C without facing any serious side effects.