Vegetables High in Vitamin C?

One of the best ways to attain proper amount of vitamin C every day is to use and eat vegetables high in vitamin C. These vegetables are very common and easily available. Vitamin C is very important nutrient in deficiency of which, a person’s body and health cannot be properly protected. Vitamin C is not only an effective healing agent; it also helps a person to easily recover after any serious sickness. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and it is required in our body for the completion of various bio chemical reactions through which our body produces various neurotransmitters and collagen. Furthermore, vitamin C is also required for proper functioning of muscles and nervous system. While there are number of natural ways to attain required amount of vitamin C for a healthy and fit body, the easiest way is to continue adding vegetables high in Vitamin C in your daily food intake.

Before knowing about vegetables high in vitamin C, let us explore the world of fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Amalaki fruit is an Indian fruit that is also used as an ayurvedic medicine. It is a rich resource of vitamin C. Every citric fruit such as lime or lemon is a strong source of vitamin C. Some other fruits that contain high amount of vitamin C include strawberries, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, kiwi, papaya, and guava. The fruit juices of these fruits will provide easily absorbable liquid vitamin C for your body which will start showing its beneficial effect immediately.

After knowing enough about fruits that contain high level of vitamin C, let us discuss about those vegetables high in vitamin C which are easily available. Some of such vegetables include tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cauliflower, and bell pepper. Along with these vegetables, many people also use green leafy vegetables. Spinach, watercress, chard, turnip green leafy vegetable, and mustard green leafy vegetable are also very rich source of vitamin C. Along with these vegetables high in vitamin C one can also take help of some easily available herbs that are rich in vitamin C. such herbs include basil, parsley, thyme, and chives.

After knowing fruits, herbs and vegetables high in vitamin C, it is also important to recognize the actual amount of vitamin C required by a healthy person daily. A healthy adult male required only 90 mg of vitamin C daily; however, if this adult male is addicted of smoking, then he will require at least 110 mg of vitamin C. Similarly, a healthy adult woman will require just 75 mg of vitamin C but if she is used to smoke a lot, she will require taking as much as 95 mg of vitamin C daily to remain safe and healthy. Deficiency of vitamin C may cause serious side effects such as diseases like scurvy. To avoid it, one should eat as much vegetables high in vitamin C and they may also take help through fruits and fruit juices.