Vitamin B Deficiency, Sources and Functions

Vitamin b is referred to the group of 8 vitamins and it plays vital role in having cell metabolism working fast. It is individual vitamin having all the nutrients in it for the sake of perfect workout. It can play its role in circulation of the blood but vitamin b deficiency can lead you to various sorts of sufferings. You need to find out some sources to find vitamin b foods and supplements to use to make the body performing its functions properly. So, you need to figure out such source after knowing about vitamin b deficiency so that you may become perfect and may get good results in the end. Let me describe the deficiency, sources and functions of vitamin b so that you may use this for having perfect looking body easily.

Vitamin B Deficiency:

Inadequate supply of vitamin b can lead to various health complications and vitamin b deficiency can cause beriberi. It can also lead you to have weakness; significant weight loss, disorder of nervous system; edema and irregular heart beat problems. You can suffer from various other issues as well like aribofalvinosis. This complication can lead you to have various symptoms as well. You can suffer from sunlight sensitivity, cheilosis, oral mucosa and hyperemia. These complications can also lead you to suffer from various other issues as well. In our body, Niacin can play a vital role but lack of it can ensure you to have various health problems. You can also suffer from the symptoms like dermatitis, aggression, insomnia and confusion. So, the vitamin b deficiency can lead you to have such problems and can make you suffer from various issues in the end.

Sources of Vitamin B:

The nature is full of vitamin b and you can use various foods to have the required levels of it. This would be handy to have in your body and you can add it easily in your diet plan. The natural resources are there to know easily and you can ideally use them to have all what you are looking for. The sources like potatoes, bananas, chili pepper, tuna, liver oil, turkey, tempeh, lentils and liver can be ideal to use because these sources are perfect to know and use to have the best levels easily. Vitamin b deficiency can be led to zero levels easily by using these foods.

Functions of Vitamin B:

It provides the whole host of the health benefits and you can maintain your body increasing the metabolism rate easily with it. You can have healthy skin with it by making it flexible with the muscle tone. It can also maintain your immune system and can ideally lead you to have perfect cell division. The production of the red blood cells is taken at higher levels easily by performing all the functions properly. So, vitamin b deficiency can be controlled using the above mentioned sources and the body is enabled to perform these functions properly. This would be handy to have in your body easily.