Vitamin C and Pregnancy That You Should Know

To know about vitamin C and pregnancy is to enquire if vitamin C is necessary for unborn child and the relation between vitamin C and pregnancy actually suggests that vitamin C is vital for healthy living and it is required by a child even before his or her birth. We will discuss about proper amount of vitamin C required by a pregnant lady in detail but before stressing more on vitamin C and pregnancy, let us discuss about importance of vitamin C for the unborn child and for the newly born child.

Vitamin C helps in producing proper neurotransmitters for the development of brain and body. It is also important for an unborn child in her mother’s womb because it helps in development and growth of proper bone structure and it facilitates smooth muscle functions. Importance of vitamin C and pregnancy increases because vitamin C is also required for proper growth of muscle tissues. A child born with deficiency of vitamin C may suffer sickles and other fragile skin problems.

Before we may discuss about vitamin C and pregnancy, we first need to know about the average requirement of vitamin C by a healthy person. In general, a male requires 90 mgs of vitamin C daily. A female needs 75 mgs of vitamin C every day. Vitamin C and pregnancy relation suggests that a pregnant woman is required to take more vitamin C because she also needs to provide enough vitamin C for her child in her womb. Similarly, a newly born child who is dependent on his or her breast milk completely needs to take all required vitamin C through breast feeding. Thus, a breast feeding mother also needs to take adequate amount of vitamin C to attain enough vitamin C for herself and for her kid too.

Now when we have established the relationship between vitamin C and pregnancy, we can discuss about the genuine natural ways to attain enough vitamin C and what other medicinal ways are too. There are a number of fruits such as guava, water melon, strawberries, black currant, Amalaki, and other that offers rich amount of vitamin C. In addition, there are many such vegetables that will offer proper amount of vitamin C for a person. These vegetables include broccoli, bell pepper, cauliflower, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Also, a person can attain good amount of vitamin C by consuming green leafy vegetables such as water cress, spinach, turnip green leafy vegetable and mustard green.

However, vitamin C and pregnancy is an important issue and taking proper amount of vitamin C through daily food habits may not prove to be a good option for a pregnant lady and hence, she may also take some vitamin C supplements prescribed by her doctor. Proper amount of vitamin C will not only protect the pregnant woman, it will also offer benefits for the unborn child too. Vitamin C and pregnancy relationship can be understood by knowing about vitamin C deficiency which may cause sickles and various other skin problems.