Vitamin C and Pregnancy

Relation between vitamin C and pregnancy is very important because proper amount of vitamin C for the child in womb is essential for its proper growth. Vitamin C is a nutrient which is required by a human’s body right from the beginning of life. As soon as a mother conceives a child, the requirements of vitamin C start increasing for the child. This is because of the fact that vitamin C is an essential constituent for the building of bones, nerves, muscles and various neurotransmitters. A number o biochemical reaction goes in our body that creates essential proteins like collagen and various neurotransmitters for proper working of our nervous system. This explains a lot about vitamin C and pregnancy.

Vitamin and pregnancy issues becomes more important by the fact that vitamin C also helps in creation of fairer and better skin. It provides proper immune against skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Furthermore, requirement of vitamin C also increases for the pregnant lady. Vitamin C and pregnancy relations are stronger than one believes. Proper amount of vitamin C are required by the pregnant woman to avoid various bacterial and viral attacks that may harm the child in womb. Vitamin C is also known for its healing effect and it also helps a person to attain better health after the end of tiring long sickness. Because of this, vitamin C and pregnancy relation becomes important because vitamin C helps the pregnant lady to face the situation well.

Vitamin C also helps in maintaining proper digestive system and it helps in avoiding gastrointestinal troubles. Because of these many advantages of vitamin C, it is important for pregnant ladies to take enough vitamin C during pregnancy. Before discussing more about vitamin C and pregnancy, let us discuss about natural ways to attain proper amounts of vitamin C. One can include fruits and vegetables such as Amalaki, broccoli, guava, spinach, lemon, watercress, kiwi, mustard green, papaya, cauliflower, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, acerola cherries, bell pepper, tomatoes and others in their daily food intake as these vegetables and fruits are rich source of vitamin C. Now when we know the importance of vitamin C and pregnancy and the natural source of vitamin C, we can say that it is easy for a pregnant lady to attain proper amounts of vitamin C during pregnancy.

Vitamin C will not only improve the skin of the child, it will also offer stronger immune system for the baby and will prevent colds. Vitamin C will also help in proper development of baby and building and growth of muscles, bones and nervous system. This all increases importance of relation between vitamin C and pregnancy.

After knowing the importance relation between vitamin C and pregnancy a woman suffering deficiency of vitamin C may prefer to take extra care by either increasing the food intake of vitamin C rich food items or by attaining medical help to get rid of vitamin C deficiency. One may take excessive amount of vitamin C without suffering any serious side effects because it is highly soluble in water and excess can be removed easily through urination.