Vitamin C and Vitamin C Singer

Collen Ann Fitzpatrick gained a huge fame as vitamin C artist or vitamin C singer and it actually helped in raising awareness about the importance of vitamin C for healthy living. The debut solo album of vitamin C singer was titled Vitamin C and that became an instant hit and the reason of stardom for the singer artist.

Nowadays, vitamin C singer is appointed Vice President of music for Nickelodeon TV channel and she is performing well. However, this article is not actually about vitamin C singer or her performances as a singer or musician or as the VP of music for Nickelodeon. Rather, this article is to raise more awareness about vitamin C among common people.

Vitamin C is very important and it has been proven that without taking adequate amount of vitamin C daily, healthy life is not possible. Vitamin C is important for our nervous system as it is necessary for production and management of neurotransmitters that are essential part of our nervous system. Vitamin C is also necessary for proper growth and strength management of bones as it helps in assimilating calcium properly and vitamin C is helpful for proper muscle functioning too. Deficiency of vitamin C can cause some serious side effects because it will weaken our nervous system and may result in depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in elderly people. Deficiency of vitamin C will also cause skin problems like sickles and it will result in easy bleeding.

As we can see, vitamin C is very important and with the popularity of vitamin C singer, and her solo song vitamin C, the vitality of vitamin C became known for more people. However, there was nothing about vitamin C in the song of vitamin C singer. There are a number of ways of attaining adequate amount of vitamin C every day. Eating certain fruits such as kiwi, guava, acerola cherries, strawberries, Amalaki, water melon, sweet apple, black currant and others will help in maintaining proper levels of vitamin C. One should also include vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, spinach and other green leafy vegetables in their daily food intake as these vegetables are rich in vitamin C.

We now know the importance of vitamin C, issues related with deficiency of vitamin C, and the natural food items that contain rich concentration of vitamin C. The popularity of songs of vitamin C singer helps in spreading awareness about vitamin C through internet and other social media. However, one should also realize that overdoses of vitamin C or excess of vitamin C in our blood may also cause vitamin C toxicity. However, issues related with vitamin C toxicity are very rare. A person may suffer constipation, digestive and gastric troubles, and abdominal cramps because of excessive vitamin C. However, vitamin C is highly soluble in water and hence, the non-required amount of vitamin C can be easily removed from our body through urinary passage.