Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is an important nutrient required by our body and vitamin C benefits are so high that side effects of excessive vitamin C in blood levels can be ignored. The most important of vitamin C benefits is that it can help in treating cancer patients. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbic acid is highly anti-oxidant, it not only helps as a healing agent against wounds, injuries and bleeding, etc., it also helps in treating cancer patients. One of the other vitamin C benefits is that this nutrient helps our body to absorb other important nutrients and minerals easily and hence, it proves to be essential for various biochemical reactions going on in our body. Vitamin C helps in rebuilding of blood vessels, tissues and bones.

There are a number of natural sources for adequate amounts of vitamin C. These resources include various citric fruits such as lemon and various other fruits too such guava, papaya, acerola cherries, strawberries, berries, water melon, and blackcurrant. In addition, vitamin C is also found in rich amounts in various vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and bell pepper. Easy availability of vitamin C can also be attributed as one of the vitamin C benefits.

One of the biggest vitamin C benefits is that it is highly soluble in water and hence, excessive levels of vitamin C in blood can also be easily tolerated. A healthy person can tolerate around 2000 mg of vitamin C and he will be able to remove all vitamin toxicity or excessiveness through urination. However, the healthy male human body only requires around 90 mg of vitamin C daily. A healthy adult woman needs just 75 mg of vitamin C daily. Vitamin C deficiency may cause serious illnesses such as scurvy and a person facing deficiency of vitamin C will find it difficult to fight against cancer. This is why it is considered that vitamin C benefits overpower the possible side effects of vitamin C in excess. Some such side effects include disturbed digestive system, loose motions, gastric troubles and cramps.

Since vitamin C is easily soluble in liquid, we can take liquid vitamin C as a medical dose. The amount of vitamin C that we take through fruits is also liquid vitamin C. Its solubility proves to be a major vitamin C benefits. Vitamin C can also be achieved by consuming dark green leafy vegetables such as mustard green leaves, spinach, turnip green leaves, watercress, kale, and chard. While excessive doses of vitamin C may cause vitamin C toxicity and if a menopausal woman suffering from diabetes takes too much vitamin C, she may suffer some cardiovascular problems. However, such side effects of vitamin C toxicity are very rare while the value of vitamin C benefits is too high and this is why people prefer to take vitamin C regularly to attain proper health benefits of vitamin C.

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