Vitamin C Cancer

Vitamin C cancer treatment and relationship is based on the fact that vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and hence it can be used for treating certain cancers such as breast cancer. According to some medical studies, vitamin C cancer treatment and prevention therapy can be very successful to prevent and treat breast cancer. According to these research reports, women taking multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc doses reduce risks of breast cancer.

There are many other types of cancers against which, vitamin C cancer prevention and treatment may prove to be helpful. In addition to this important healthy aspect of vitamin C, there are many other advantages of taking proper notice of your daily intake of vitamin C as it helps a person to attain better health and strong body. Vitamin C helps in rebuilding of our body tissues, blood vessels and bones and it helps in assimilating various minerals including calcium that are useful for our body. Proper doses of vitamin C also help in maintaining good eye sight and better digestive system. Vitamin C cancer relation also makes it very important. Now when we have discussed about the importance and uses of vitamin C, we may discuss about certain side effects that may be caused due to over doses of vitamin C.

During vitamin C cancer treatment procedure, doctors often suggest mega doses of vitamin C for their patients. Excessive amount of vitamin C may cause certain problems for the patients that include gastric problems, loose motions, and diarrhea. However, these issues of vitamin C toxicity are very rare because vitamin C is very soluble in water and hence, the excessive vitamin C easily gets out of our body through urination. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. In some cases, vitamin C toxicity may cause some more health issues but such cases are very rare. As for example, in cases of postmenopausal women who are already suffering with health issues like diabetes, may suffer some cardiovascular disease because of excessive vitamin C levels in their body. Such cases are very rare and other symptoms of vitamin C toxicity are tolerable. This is the reason why vitamin C cancer treatment is often preferred by doctors and their patients.

Let us know about requirements of vitamin C for a healthy adult body as it will provide an idea about the mega doses for vitamin C cancer treatment. In general, an adult male requires around 90 mg of vitamin C daily to maintain good health. However, if he is a smoker, he will need around 110-120 mg of vitamin C daily. In case of adult females, a non smoker woman will require 75 mg of vitamin C daily and if she is a smoker, she will need around 95-100 mg of vitamin C. Mega doses of vitamin C cancer treatment are very high and an adult can easily tolerate about 2000 mg of vitamin C daily as vitamin C is easily soluble in water and it can be easily removed from our body.