Vitamin C Ester

Vitamin C ester is medicine that helps a person to attain required amount of vitamin C. There is not much difference between vitamin C regular and vitamin C ester and both provide similar help for our body. However, vitamin C is highly soluble in water; on the other hand, vitamin C ester is highly soluble in water and it is also highly soluble in fat and hence, it is easily absorbed by our body. Vitamin C is required by our body for completion of various biochemical reactions that happen in our body to produce collagen and various neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are necessary for proper functioning of our body and for healthy living and hence, vitamin C is important nutrient. Other advantages of this nutrient are that vitamin C ester helps in absorbing calcium and other minerals which make our body stronger, bolder and well developed.

Deficiency of vitamin C ester may cause scurvy and other health problems but deficiency of vitamin C is very rare because vitamin C is widely available in various foot items including a number of fruits. Strawberries, blackcurrant, acerola cherries, papaya, melon, guava, and Amalaki fruits are common source of vitamin C. In addition, all citric fruits such as lemon are rich source of vitamin C.

Common vitamin C ester available in market is a medicine which is also known as L-ascorbic acid. A healthy person male requires around 90 mg of vitamin C every day if he does not smoke. The quantity of vitamin C required increases for a person who is in habit of smoking and such person will have to take 110 mg of vitamin C regularly every day. An adult female will need only 75 mg of vitamin C ester if she doesn’t smoke. A smoker woman will require 95 mg of vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C may cause various health issues such as deterioration of our skin and easy bleeding. Lack of vitamin C also reduces the speed and chances of recovery from illnesses and deficiency of vitamin C reduces the healing effects of other medicines. Vitamin C itself is a strong anti oxidant and effective healing agent.

Because of anti oxidant properties of vitamin C ester, vitamin C is usable as a preventive medicine against development and spread of various cancerous tissues and cells in our body. Vitamin C can be successfully used to help and treat women suffering from breast cancer. However, to treat cancer patients, doctors prescribe very high doses of vitamin C ester to actually help the patient. High doses of vitamin C may cause certain side effects that are not very serious. These side effects include loose motions, gastric troubles, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. However, advantages of high dose of vitamin C are superior. Postmenopausal women may suffer certain severe issues of high dose of vitamin C ester especially if they are already suffering from diabetes. In such cases, excess of vitamin C may result in some cardiovascular problems. However, such side effects are very rare.