Vitamin C Flush

After knowing all the benefits of vitamin C, a person may feel like adding enough vitamin C in his body to attain better benefits and this can be done through vitamin C flush. Vitamin C flush is a way to examine how much vitamin C one can take in a normal manner without hurting himself of vitamin C toxicity. Vitamin C flush is a process of knowing how much vitamin C you need on daily basis. Vitamin C is essential for proper health and fitness of our body as it not only helps in strengthening our immune system, it also helps in making our bones stronger. Vitamin C is also important because it is needed for rebuilding of tissues and blood vessels. It is a strong healing agent that can help in treating and healing injuries and wounds internally.

While performing Vitamin C flush, a person simply takes liquid vitamin C by mixing properly weighed powder of vitamin C in a glass full of water. After drinking that glass of liquid vitamin C solution of known concentration, he should repeat process until he feels like going to toilet. Vitamin C is very soluble in water and hence, it doesn’t create too much problems if taken in excess. Vitamin C flush process should be stopped if you get a watery stool. This should be noted that vitamin C easily settles in our blood and it can reach its maximum possible level within 2 hours of taking vitamin C liquid. But this vitamin C cannot be sustained in blood for long periods and any excess of vitamin C is removed from our body through urination or bowel movements. This is the reason why vitamin C flush won’t cause any side effects but it will certainly remove any deficiency of vitamin C and will provide various health benefits.

While one can calculate the actual amount of vitamin C required for his body daily by the process of vitamin C flush, it is not necessary for a normal healthy person to depend on medicinal vitamin C because he can easily attain all required amount of vitamin C through natural foods such as vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables. After knowing the amount of vitamin C you need through Vitamin C flush, you can manage your daily food intake accordingly. Certain fruits that can offer good quantity of vitamin C include acerola cherries, blackcurrant, strawberries, guava, papaya, water melon, lemon, and other citric fruits. In addition, there are a number of vegetables that offer good quantity of vitamin C. these vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout, tomatoes, spinach, mustard green leafs, turnip green leafs, and other various dark green leafy vegetables such as watercress, and chards.

Vitamin C flush is necessary because it will not only reduce the problems of deficiency of vitamin C in your body, it will also provide you better information about your particular requirements of vitamin C so that you can manage your food intake and diet accordingly.