Vitamin C Foods That You Should Know

Adding enough vitamin C foods in our daily intake is considered as a good and healthy eating habit. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body as it helps in tissue building, and rebuilding of blood vessels and bones and it also helps our body to properly assimilate calcium mineral. Vitamin C foods offer enough amounts of this essential nutrient so that our body may remain fit and fine. Along with making our bones and muscles stronger, vitamin C foods also help in protecting our body against various ills and infections including cold and flues.

Vitamin C foods are very essential for our physical and mental health. Medical studies have confirmed that vitamin C plays an important part in boosting our brain function and it also helps in recovering from illnesses. Positive healing effects of vitamin C are also very important. Some medical organizations suggest that a person should take enough vitamin C regularly to maintain health and the prescribed amount of vitamin C for a healthy adult male is 90 mg while a healthy adult woman should take around 75 mg of vitamin C regularly. Obviously, vitamin C can be considered as an essential nutrient to maintain our health and well being and this is why it is necessary to know about certain vitamin C foods through which we may attain enough quantity of vitamin C.

There are number of fruits that offer good quantity of vitamin C. Some of the very common Vitamin C foods are fruits such as strawberries, acerola cherry, kiwi, papaya, blackcurrant, Amalaki fruits, melons, guava and other citric fruits such as lemons. It should be noted that all these fruits that are rich resources of vitamin C are very helpful in maintaining a good digestive system and some of these fruits such as Amalaki, are often used as a great cure against gastric troubles, constipation and other digestive troubles. Because of the rich content of vitamin C, doctors often suggest some of these eating fruits every day. Furthermore, these fruits are easily available and hence they offer good option for vitamin C foods.

Along with these vitamin C rich fruits, a person may also attain vitamin C from certain vegetables such as bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are easily available vitamin C foods that will help you to maintain good health. However, there are a lot of other food items that can be taken every day to increase the amount of vitamin C in your body. All dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, turnip green, kale, mustard green, chard, and watercress are rich resources of vitamin C. In addition, one may also take advantages of certain herbs that are rich resources of vitamin C such as cilantro, thyme, chives, parsley, and basil.

Now when you have a good number of vitamin C foods and you also have proper information about the importance of vitamin C for our body and health, take proper and healthy food daily to maintain a healthy body and avoid any deficiency of vitamin C.