Vitamin C for Dogs

Everybody realizes the importance of vitamin C for human beings; however, what are the uses of vitamin C for dogs? As a matter of fact, a dog can produce its own vitamin C and an average healthy dog produces around 18 mg of vitamin C every day per pound of its weight. However, in some cases, dogs face deficiency of vitamin C and in such conditions; it becomes necessary to offer supplementary vitamin C for dogs. Vitamin C is very beneficial for dogs as it helps in production of collagen and provides a number of other health benefits. According to veterinary researchers, dogs suffering from diseases like distemper can be helped and cured by offering vitamin C for dogs. In most of the cases, dogs suffering various skin diseases also suffer a deficiency of vitamin C and by administrating vitamin C doses for such dogs, they can be treated. Vitamin c protects dogs from diseases like scurvy and it also increases the levels of infernos and other antibodies in the body of dogs that protect the dogs against viruses, bacteria, and toxins and these antibodies also protect the dogs against deadly diseases such as cancer and viral fever.

Vitamin C for dogs is commercially available and it can be easily given to your lovely pet dog to protect it against various ills and to provide a better chance of development for your dog. It should be noted that just like in humans, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for proper development of a dog. Humans can produce vitamin D by themselves, yet many people suffer from deficiency of vitamin D. in similar fashion, a dog can produce its vitamin C in its own body in a natural manner. But, some dogs suffer deficiency of vitamin C and such dogs can be helped by providing vitamin C for dogs.

As a dog gets older, its physical abilities gets slowed and similarly, the dog’s ability to produce its own vitamin C also gets slow. In such condition, the dog may suffer various ills, bacterial and viral attacks and may suffer some exacerbating skin problems too. Proper doses of vitamin C for dogs will help your dog to fight against such issues even at older age.

Most of the veterinary doctors prescribe additional vitamin C for dogs because vitamin C can protect the dogs against a number of diseases including kennel cough, abscesses, respiratory infections, cancer, and other diseases that may be caused by bacterial infections. In addition, vitamin C also helps in curing other dog diseases such as hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, and various other spinal disorders. This can be said that vitamin C for dogs is very essential to maintain proper health and well being of your pet dog. Since vitamin C is readily soluble in water, it can be given to your dogs as a mixture in water and even if you give extra dose of vitamin C for dogs, the dog won’t suffer any serious side effect because the excessive vitamin C can be easily removed out of the body of your dog through urination.