Vitamin C Singer

American pop music artist Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick is also known as vitamin C singer. She got this name and fame as vitamin C singer because of her solo debut album which was entitled as vitamin C. Recently, Nickelodeon announced that Vitamin C will work as the vice president of Music at Nickelodeon and she currently is working as the vice president.

There is certainly no relation between Vitamin C singer and the medical, nutritional vitamin C which is an essential nutrient required for our health and fitness. However, vitamin C singer certainly has proved to be a great way to spread information about health benefits and requirements of vitamin C for every individual for attaining health benefits. Vitamin C helps a person to maintain good health. Vitamin C is essential for a person right from his or her childhood as it helps in building and rebuilding of bones, muscles, tissues, and nerves. Vitamin C is also important for its healing effects and recuperating power that it offers for an individual. It also increases the strength of our immune system and helps us in fighting against various bacterial and viral infections including common colds and flues.

Vitamin C singer is popular for her unique orange yellowish hair colors. Vitamin C nutrient is commonly found in citric fruits such as lemons. Other fruits that are rich resource of vitamin C are kiwis, papaya, strawberries, guava, acerola cherries, Amalaki, and blackcurrant. Vitamin C is also available in vegetables such as spinach, watercress, chards, turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, bell pepper, and cauliflower. Vitamin C singer and her famous solo debut album have helped in spreading about the importance of proper levels of vitamin C in a person’s blood.

In general, an adult male required around 90 mg of vitamin C per day so that he may remain healthy fit and safe against various ills and side effects of deficiency of vitamin C. On the other hand, a healthy grown up woman requires just 75 mg of vitamin C. Yet, a person’s habits may force him or her to take extra amount of vitamin C to maintain proper health. As for example, if a person is addicted to heavy smoking, he or she will have to take an extra of 20 to 25 mg of vitamin C to maintain proper health and this extra amount of vitamin C will help in avoiding various respiratory problems an addicted smoker may face. Vitamin C singer appeared in a movie titled Hairspray which was a comedy film directed by John Waters.

While the fame of vitamin C singer makes vitamin C look like a thing of glamour, it is certainly a very important and helpful nutrient which can provide good prevention for people against various types of cancers. Various medical research reports suggest that a person having enough or higher amount of vitamin C faces lesser risks of acquiring cancer. Doctors often prescribe high doses of vitamin C for cancer patients as vitamin C cancer treatment proves to be helpful for patients to successfully win against the deadly disease.