Vitamin D Absorption

Vitamin D absorption is helpful for our body as proper amount of vitamin D is necessary for proper absorption of calcium by our body so that we may attain proper development and fitness of our bones, teeth, muscles, and nervous system. Vitamin D absorption thus helps our body to absorb and assimilate calcium and other important minerals for proper growth and protection of our body. We can either produce our own vitamin D or we can attain it through vitamin D absorption through rich sources of vitamin D that we may eat. There are a number of food items that provide good amounts of vitamin D such as fortified fruit juices, oranges, fortified milk, fortified margarine, fortified cheese, tuna fishes, sardine fishes, salmon fishes, and many other food items.

Before discussing more about vitamin D absorption, let us discuss about the amount of vitamin D that is required for a healthy person to maintain physical and mental fitness. A pregnant lady or a breast feeding mother need to take care of more vitamin D absorption because she not only needs proper amount of vitamin D for herself, but also for her child in her womb. After birth, a child below age of one year requires around 400 IU of vitamin D that needs to be provided by his/her mother through breast feeding. Proper vitamin D absorption by the child will confirm proper growth of his bones, muscles and nervous system. It will ascertain that the child won’t suffer diseases like rickets. A grown up child above age 1 year and an adult below age 70 years on an average requires around 600 IU of vitamin D regularly. This will help them to avoid diseases like osteomalacia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. In addition, proper vitamin D absorption will also protect them against depression, anxiety and similar mental issues.

An elderly person who is above age 70 years requires more vitamin D to protect the deteriorating body. Such a person requires around 800 IU of vitamin D per day. Vitamin D absorption will help such a person to avoid certain diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

However, vitamin D absorption is not only required for maintaining physical fitness, it also helps in protecting our body against various ills by increasing the strength of our immune system. Medical research reports have suggested that vitamin D can prove to be an excellent anti-carcinogen that will protect our body against various cancerous diseases such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and a number of other types of cancers. This is one of the reasons why doctors prefer to prescribe greater vitamin D absorption for their patients who are suffering from cancer. It has been found that a cancer patient having excessive vitamin D enjoys higher chances of cure and recovery.

However, excessive vitamin D absorption may prove to be toxic and it may cause various side effects. Yet, doctors prefer to suggest increasing levels of vitamin D in cancer patients because often the advantages of excessive vitamin D proves to be more beneficial than the health problems that may arise due to deficient vitamin D absorption.