Vitamin D and Constipation

While everybody knows the importance of vitamin D in our body, it should also be noted that there can be some disadvantages or side effects of higher levels of vitamin D constipation is one of them. Higher dosage of vitamin D may cause constipation and if you suffering such issues, you should meet your physician to discuss if it is the case of vitamin D constipation. After consulting your doctor, if you come to realize that you are actually suffering from vitamin D constipation as a side effect of vitamin D, then you will have to decide about whether the advantages of vitamin D are more important for you or should you decrease the average intake of vitamin D to get a cure of your constipation problem.

There are a number of advantages of vitamin D for a healthy person of any age. As for example, a newly born child need good amount of vitamin D (around 400 IU per day on regular basis) to ensure a proper growth of body structure, bones and muscles. However, the child may suffer constipation too. If the child is totally dependent on breast feeding, then the mother may decide to reduce her intake of vitamin D rich foods and supplements of vitamin D. However, lower level of vitamin D may cause serious health issues such as rickets in children. On the other hand, other medicines may help in reducing the problems of vitamin D constipation.

For an adult, the importance of vitamin D increases because this essential nutrient not only helps our body to absorb proper amounts of calcium so that our bones and teeth may remain healthy and strong, it also ensures that our immune system remains healthy and strong enough to repel various diseases and to resist various virus and bacteria attacks. However, vitamin D constipation may cause serious issues in some people. Before deciding to reduce vitamin D consumption to get rid of vitamin D constipation, you should consider all the advantages of vitamin D constipation. Proper levels of vitamin D will protect you against diseases like osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. In addition, good levels of vitamin D will also protect you against various skin diseases including psoriasis.

However, the more important advantage of having higher levels of vitamin D is that it acts as a preventive medicine against various types of cancers and doctors have revealed that proper or higher levels of vitamin D in a person protects him against seventeen types of cancer. In addition, a person suffering from cancer will have higher chances of survival and successful treatment if the level of vitamin D in his blood is higher. Obviously, a cancer patient may not think anything about vitamin D constipation and related issues.

Vitamin D and Constipation Vitamin D and Constipation

Vitamin D is also very important for elderly people as it helps them against various painful health issues including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and it also protects them against diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. This is the reason why many elderly people prefer to take proper amount of vitamin D even if they suffer vitamin D constipation.