Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Any pregnant woman will try to enquire about the various nutrition needs that she should take care of to provide better health for her baby in her womb and hence, it is important for her to know about vitamin D and pregnancy. There is a strong relationship between vitamin D and pregnancy. A pregnant woman not only needs to take care of her own requirements of vitamin D, but she also is required to take proper care of the requirements of vitamin D of the child who is in her womb and is developing. Adequate amount of vitamin D ensures better health of pregnant woman and better health of the unborn child. Thus, let us explore more about vitamin D and pregnancy.

Relation between vitamin D and pregnancy
An adult person requires around 600 IU of vitamin D every day. However, vitamin D and pregnancy issues may prompt a pregnant woman to take higher amounts of vitamin D. this is because during pregnancy, the woman needs to take care of her own bones which may suffer extra pressure and weakness, and she also needs to confirm that her unborn child is attaining proper calcium and he or she is also able to absorb that calcium properly. Vitamin D is vital for a person’s body because inadequacy of vitamin D will disallow our body to absorb proper amounts of calcium mineral. Hence, the pregnant woman needs to take higher amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D and pregnancy issues are more important because the unborn child also needs proper amounts of vitamin D so that he or she may develop proper bone structure. Any lack of vitamin D during pregnancy may cause serious problems for child after birth as he or she may suffer rickets and other bone defections.

Vitamin D and Pregnancy Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Another important issue of vitamin D and pregnancy is that our skin also needs proper amount of vitamin D as vitamin D helps in improving skin. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to take more of orange fruit and orange juice as orange is a good resource of vitamin D. Furthermore, adequate amount of vitamin D not only improves the immune system of the pregnant woman, it also strengthens the immune system of the child in womb. Another aspect of vitamin D and pregnancy relationship is that vitamin D also helps the pregnant woman to maintain her muscles and nervous system functioning in proper manner and it also helps the unborn child to grow proper muscles and nerves.
The relationship between vitamin D and pregnancy doesn’t stop after the child birth as after the birth, the child completely depends on her or his mother’s milk. Breast feeding mothers are also required to take proper notice of their vitamin D requirements as during breast feeding periods, mothers not only need vitamin D for their own self, they also need vitamin D to offer it to their children through their milk. Vitamin D is very important nutrient that ensures proper growth of the child.