Vitamin D in Foods – What You Don’t Know

One of the major ways to attain the required vitamin D regularly and to maintain good levels of vitamin D in your blood is to consume the available vitamin D in foods. However, to actually gain proper benefits, one should first enquire about the average quantity of vitamin D required by their body and the actual quantity of vitamin D in foods that is available. After enquiring about the actual amount of vitamin D in foods, one can manage a proper and healthy diet.
Before you may examine more about vitamin D in foods, it will beneficial to know more about advantages of having higher levels of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient because without it, your body cannot absorb the much required calcium mineral properly. In absence of enough quantity of calcium, you will face weakness; weak and brittle bones, body pains, and various bone related diseases such as Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and Osteopenia. Obviously, it is beneficial to not only to know about but also to consume vitamin D in foods which is available. However, vitamin D has many more vital usages in our body. Vitamin D protects our skin against various skin diseases including psoriasis, and it also protects our body by acting as a preventive shield against various possible cancers. Some medical researchers suggest that proper levels of vitamin D will keep a person immune against 17 dreadful cancers which include prostate cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer too.

Now it should be clear that it is very important to have proper levels of vitamin D, but why to consider about the vitamin D in foods especially when one’s body produces vitamin D itself in presence of direct sun light. The fact is that while our body is certainly able to produce its own vitamin D in presence of sun light, but it is not possible for us to attain enough exposure of direct sun light to create required amount of vitamin D, thanks to our busy and modern lifestyle patterns.

Vitamin D in Foods Vitamin D in Foods   What You Dont Know

In addition, knowing about vitamin D in foods is also important because exposure of direct sun light on your body for long periods regularly will make your skin dark, tanned, itching, and it will cause rashes and tanning. In addition, direct exposure of sun light may also increase risks of skin cancer. That is the reason why it is better to gain vitamin D by consuming vitamin D in foods.

To attain available vitamin D in foods, you should be aware about all such foods that are considered rich resources of vitamin D. If you like eating fishes, then you are lucky because some fishes such as tuna fishes, salmon fishes and sardines are considered as richest source of vitamin D in foods. If you do not eat fishes, then also there is a long list of food items containing good amount of vitamin D such as egg yolks, milk, fortified margarine, fortified fruit juices and many more.

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